I used to watch Zach's dad play soccer in college. I didn't really know his dad personally at the time, persay...I wasn't necessarily considered "cool" back then :)

  (not that I am now either...but that's beside the point!)

The odd thing is, I still "feel" like that kid in doesn't "feel" like more than 25 years have passed since that time...and to be honest, it's almost surreal to be watching classmates' own children...getting ready to graduate and head off into their own independent journeys...

OMg, am I becoming my parents now??

What encourages me though...what absolutely fills me with hope and excitement is to see these young adults with such maturity, respectful souls, eager's so, so heartening to see that next generation taking up the torch, if you will...continuing with confidence and humor, sincerity and grace, adventure and hope!!!

Zach is just plain fun to be around...he's engaging and puts you at ease immediately.  He doesn't take himself too seriously, and yet he has a vision and expectation to which he won't let go by the wayside.

He never has to doubt the support and love that bolsters him from his family...he has a solid group of individuals that are cheering him on from the sidelines...who've invested in him, who've helped shape him...and he doesn't take that for granted.

Honor and responsibility and compassion have been modeled to him from his family generations and it was evident in the way he interacted with me and even down to the sweet hug & picture request with his mom!

I'm excited to see all God has planned for you Zach!  Congrats on an amazing Senior year!

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