It all started back in the OYAA soccer days.

My husband was coach and Lexie was on the team. 

More young girls that grew up alongside my own daughter, now on the precipice of the future of independence and adulthood.

I remember well, the cheering along the sidelines, the praying they didn't get concussions, the JOYs when they made a good play, and of course, all the girls' favorite: the SNACKS!

Those days are now long gone and yet they are tucked in our memories...the pictures are reminders and they conjure up the emotion and the HAPPY.

That's exactly what a Senior Session is meant to do as well.

Pictures tell a STORY, but not just because it documents a particular setting, or details, or even character, but because of the memory associated with it.  

The choice of outfits will one day bring a recollection of wearing it in a classroom. The hairstyle will trigger a memory of getting ready before a huge exam. The expressions will prompt a remembrance of personality and how you viewed yourself at age 18. 

It's about celebration...the meaningful, memorable and HAPPY.

Lexie has grown into a stunningly, beautiful young woman who has determination, gumption and confidence to take on adventure and even the obstacles that may arise.  She's passionate and zealous for her future.

This is my last Class of 2020 FALL Senior Session preview.

It has been a PLEASURE and an honor to tell the stories of these soon-to-be graduates!

Congratulations Lexie on an amazing Senior year! 



We had to keep rescheduling, but eventually we found the perfect day...and one of the lasts of November before Fall decided it had had enough. 

Kylie is a natural, with an easy smile and go-get-em attitude. She was excited to celebrate the culmination of all these years...for the future that lies ahead.

It's a balance, a juggling act between savoring the "lasts" of this year and then letting the anticipation of college and independence bubble to the surface. Kyle understands this feat and does it with grace.

Her smile lights up a room, but it's her sincerity that puts you at ease. She is a joy and it was a pleasure celebrating her STORY :) 

Congratulations Kylie!  You are lovely! 



I've known her family for quite awhile, but it wasn't until I saw Amelia on stage that I actually SAW her...

I mean, her HEART, her SOUL, the TRUE girl.

Amelia is spunk, talent, confidence, determination, beauty, humor, intelligence and adventure all rolled into this amazing package.

to hear her sing, watch her dance, see her perform...she's limelight in and of herself! 

It's a joy and privilege to interact with these incredibly amazing students...this year especially, because they are people that I've known for so long, that have rubbed shoulders with my own girl throughout the years.

Amelia, you are sunshine and a song!  Love you to bits!

Congrats on an amazing senior year girly!



This year I had a Senior of my own, and with that came an entourage of friends and students that I consider "framily"...ones I've known since they were elementary school age...

I think instead of it just "hitting me" with my own girl, I'd almost get whomped in the face with the realization that THIS IS IT...this is the YEAR...everytime I had another Senior Session.

My sweet Claire is beautiful inside and out.  She inspires me with her determination.  She's learned to make difficult choices that often have challenging consequences, but she chooses to see the Truth in situations and then continues putting one foot in front of the other. 

I love her laugh, her compassion, her JOY...she doesn't take herself too seriously, which endears her to so many others. 

Congratulations are darling and I love you so much! 


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