*Where will my session take place? 
At this time, because my list is rather lengthy for sessions, I have a handful of "regular" locations that I frequent in order to serve as many families as I am able, in an efficient amount of time.  IF there is a specific location you are desiring, during the peak season, there may be a price increase to accommodate extra travel in between my back to back session times, if it is possible AND within my 20 minute drive time. However, please note that due to my increased sessions this year, most locations will be chosen by me and will be within the Lewis Center/Delaware area. During off seasons, there is more potential for me to oblige most requests, but still within my travel radius.

FOR SENIORS: My goal is to get you AS MANY images as I possibly can (I like to over deliver from my minimum guarantee) In order to do this, I need to be able to think quickly as I look at your outfits and decide on the best backgrounds and "LIGHT" locations that will showcase YOU the best.  For this reason, I have many parks/nature, urban, classic locations of which I am very familiar, AND that are closely located so that our session time isn't eaten up by traveling in the car.  This means, that most of my sessions take place in the Lewis Center/Delaware areas. Please note that if you desire a different location of which I am unfamiliar and/or is out of my normal travel distance, there may be a travel fee added onto your session as well as the chance that an "excess" of images may not prove attainable if setting is most important and our time is spent traveling or scouting locations that give us the best light.

*When do I schedule my session?
I'm a busy parent, just like most of you. With 3 children, all in different activities, clubs and sports, waiting on those schedules to be released is often like watching a pot boil...or snail cross the road! Therefore, since I am also rather dependent upon the weather, I typically do not schedule more than a month out. IF you have a special request (everyone is in town ONLY on a specific weekend, please let me know asap and I can get you on the calendar earlier)

*How and when do I give payment?

At this time, I do not require a down payment beforehand, therefore full payment is required upon session date/time. I accept cash or check or Venmo.

* When will I receive my gallery?
During the months of January through August, my turnaround time is typically around (or under) 2 weeks from your session's date.  During September through November, due to my high quantity of sessions, turnaround is pushed to 3 weeks, and sometimes 4 in October, depending on the number of sessions that are being requested. 

* Will I receive every image or every pose?
I deliver the best of the best images. I choose the images based on my personal style & discretion.  If I can't make a decision on different expressions of the same pose, I try to include both. Regardless,  I attempt to go above and beyond the expectation of the minimum guarantee of images (25-35) so that you feel you have received over and above the investment for your moneys. This equals to less than $10 per high resolution file that you receive!

* Do I have copyright to my images? 
I still own the copyright to the photograph/file, however I relinquish control over your choice to print for personal use.  This means that you have the option to take your digital files and print them as many times as you'd like for your family & friends to share those personal memories.

* Why are some of my pictures only in Black and White?
There are some instances where a test shot was taken and the exposure was not perfect, and yet I believe that the image itself is special...in these cases, I have included ONLY the black and white image because I couldn't bear for you to NOT have the memory, and monochrome often rectifies exposure challenges by creating an "art" type image.

* Will you do duplicates in Black and White?
If I feel an image calls for black and white, and reflects the emotion I perceive, I will include the black and white duplicate.

***black and white images often evoke a dramatic emotion and often people are attracted to it simply because of the fact that it has been transformed into monochrome... the color version doesn't always stir up those same feelings...I understand that color versions are most desired, and I DO try to include those first and foremost.

* Are the images web-ready?
The only images that are sized and web-optimized are the ones that I post via Facebook and Instagram in the sneak peeks. If you'd like them to be sharpened & sized appropriately for your online albums, along with the high resolution files, please inquire, and for a small fee, I will duplicate  and size the images for you.

* Can I post the pictures to my personal social media platforms?

ABSOLUTELY!  I'd love if you did however I'd really appreciate if you'd keep these things in mind: 1) please do not use a filter to alter the images in any way 2) please be sure to tag me for the credit of photography/art.

* Will I be able to print each image as a portrait and a landscape?
The images that I provide are UNcropped...I do this so that you have as many print size options as possible.  In a few cases, some crops/size/enlargements may not look quite right because the crop cuts off too much of the edge of the picture.  I do try to leave as much excess on the pictures that I can.

Because I lean more towards a candid/relational style of photography, the image may not be suited to both portrait & landscape because it has been "framed" according to how I perceived the moment taking place...it would change the "look" of the image if it is cropped too tightly and forced into an alternate aspect ratio.

*What if it rains?
Weather changes on a dime in Ohio. If we have to "call" the session due to rain, I try to allow for make up days, however, I can not guarantee that schedules will match up again.  (This is why I do not require down payments for session fees) I try to wait until the hour before a session before I cancel. Overcast days are actually the best because there isn't an issue with squinting!!!

*Can you take care of acne and stray hairs and make me thinner, and what about transitional lenses or scars?
ALL culled images, in the entire gallery are edited for vivid & accurate color, exposure, and contrast.  Light editing to ensure you look like your natural, beautiful self is also completed.  

EXTRA editing, like acne or stray hairs, scars, or fixing transitional lenses are the additional edits that are not performed on each and every file.

I try to address glaring issues in the processing of your images.  If you mention to me that there are certain things of which you are self-conscious, I try to work around those and help "tone them down" in editing. The images you see posted as sneak peek images will be fine-tuned & edited for presentation.  If you notice a difference in the editing from the rest of your gallery and would like for additional images to be processed in a similar manner, you may choose up to 10 images.  

Additional processing needed over the sneak peeks +10 will incur an additional fee depending on the time & editing request.

There are times that I do create "composites" of 2-3 images if possible.  I sometimes do this for "posed" images for those rare occasions where everyone looking at the camera suits the position.

*Do you give the digital images? Can I print professionally?

Yes and Yes! When you receive your gallery of images, you will also receive two passwords.  One password gets you into the gallery and access to the professional printing company to which I subscribe yearly (mpixPRO  & Millers Lab). If you choose to print through the gallery, all the orders go through me first so that I can double check crops or if something doesn't look quite right.  The second password allows you to download the high resolution images straight to your computer.

*What if I have to cancel, or what if you have to cancel?

As much as I LOVE photography and place a high value on family photo sessions, they never trump my actual FAMILY, or yours...Currently, I do not require a down payment or retainer. As long as this is not taken advantage of, I like having this option because, let's face it...LIFE happens...I'm a wife and mother of 3 FIRST and foremost...and YOU are #1 in your family too...sometimes people get sick, make mistakes, or a tragedy occurs.  I do everything I can to keep your appointed time, but as I will always offer grace to you, I pray you do the same for me should a cancellation need to occur.
I also have a handful of incredible photographer friends that will attempt to bend over backwards to help in a crisis...if I'm able to direct you to them, I will do so in order to potentially take my place on your appointed day.

FAMILY SESSIONS: Can we go longer or shorter than 30/45 minutes for a session? 
What you see in my galleries is the result of the regular time for a family session.  In my experience, both as a teacher-mom and photographer, I have found that longer than 30-45 minutes in a unique environment for littles can sometimes be a breaking point for them...they are curious and if dressed up, they are itchin' to explore and maybe get out of clothes that they know they can't "mess up"...

Trying to go less than 30-45 minutes runs the risk of NOT getting the images that you are envisioning.  Being in front of the camera can be intimidating...and it takes a bit to warm up...having family members IN the pictures with them, is a HUGE help to produce relaxed and REAL expressions, but it still takes time.

SENIOR SESSION: Does it have to be 2 hours? Don't you do mini-sessions?
What you see in my galleries is the result of the regular time frame for a Senior session, which is scheduled for UP TO 2 hours.  I know that not everyone is "thrilled" about being in front of the camera...and if I could guarantee REAL smiles, multiple background/outfit changes, perfect lighting in less than an hour, I would do my darnedest to deliver...HOWEVER, in my experience, getting Seniors to feel relaxed being in the spotlight takes some time...changing clothes, although some can do it in world record time, is different for everyone...determining the best way to showcase a personality works best when subjects & photographers aren't rushed or feeling the pressure of time constraintsMy goal is to not just get you a FULL gallery of images that tell a story of a life matured into young adulthood, but it's also to provide an experience to remember...Students have worked too hard, as have parents, to quickly rush through the celebration...In this fast-paced culture, it's a GIFT to spend a couple hours without devices to explore, talk, laugh, and to CELEBRATE the new journey that's ahead!!!

***While I offer one size package for weekday/weekend sessions, please inquire if you have special circumstances such as "twins", and I'm happy to work with you to find a happy 'in between'.***


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