2013...a New Year:)

Who else is excited for 2013?

I've got lots of new things going on this year...This is my last full year of being in my 30's...My baby will start going to "real" school in the fall...my oldest will be entering MIDDLE school...

Those right there are enough to nearly put me over the edge:) but, it's exciting to see what the future holds for us all!!!

As for photography...2012 was incredible...I met new people and I met up again with all of my peeps (that's YOU)...I was able to purchase new equipment (to make sessions THAT much better:) See my equipment list HERE  The weddings were splendid, the newborns made my heart melt and the families were so much fun to watch and enjoy!!  We made some incredible memories...

I'm soooo looking forward to 2013 though...I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have this photography business.  I know that with iphones and ipod touch cameras, many of the "real" cameras have faded out of "life" as we know it...I'll admit, I often take a picture for instagram more often than I do with the intention of putting it on my wall.  However, when I sit down to make those memory albums or replace the old 8 x 10s in my music room, I'm grateful for my "Missy" (that's my camera, if you didn't know:)

I hope 2013 is another year for you to remember to invest in those family moments...To take just an hour out of the busy schedule with your whole family and just BE, whilst I snap away and capture smiles, personalities, relationships and those cute quirks that make each member of your family special! 

I'm investing in some more workshops for myself, to enhance the equipment that I've already purchased...all this to ensure that your sessions are not only fun and memorable, but they shine with quality and provide you with ooodles of images that can grace your walls at home!!!

Remember how I mentioned that my oldest is heading to middle school?  I can't tell you how much she's changed...obviously over the years, but really, even in just THIS past year...Between hair cuts, teeth being lost, sports injuries, and just the maturity that comes with age...I'm amazed as I watch my girls grow!!! I'm thankful for all those pictures to look back on and watch their progression!

2013 is also a year that I hope to get back into teaching more photography and photoshop for moms...I'm looking for ways to incorporate that iphone into your daily life...how to capture the itty bitty moments of life, without the stress:)...it's about memory-keeping, not only for you, but for your whole family!  The more images you take that can stand alone and tell their own story, the simpler it is to document the event:)

Are you excited yet?

Stay tuned for more info...can't wait to SEE you this year!!!

I would LOVE to hear from you too...get your thoughts, concerns, insights and interests (with regards to workshops, sessions etc)...contact me via email at ctphotomemories@gmail.com OR find me on facebook and shoot me a message:)

...because I'm committed to providing you with the best sessions imaginable:), it has required some added investment in not only equipment & workshops, but insurance, etc...and not to mention those lovely things called "taxes"...pricing needs to increase just a tad, but I hope you will continue to value the investment and know that I'm doing everything I can to keep those prices LOW and offer alternatives that give YOU control over your images rather than higher priced print packages, etc...


Merry Christmas...best gift EVER...

Okay...so I know that it's 2013 and Christmas has come and gone...

however, the memories and the feelings continue to linger on...

And in one cozy home, on the far outskirts of the city, there was a little package that arrived just before the magical Christmas day...and "he" created a little magic of his own:)

This little guy was due to arrive anytime during the Christmas week...and as anyone with family knows, when you begin the holiday season, you can pretty much guess that the words "hectic", "chaotic" and "busy" will be used in everyone's vocabulary for at least a month:)

And so, we just put it tentatively on the schedule that I'd be over at their home shortly after the little one decided to show up...somehow we managed to manuever through family gettogethers and holiday performances and we were able to squeeze in a few hours to capture these sweet moments...

I know that sweet posed pictures of newborns are precious...it depicts them in their innocence and the peace that surrounds them...however, I am still partial to those images that show emotion and connection between Mommy, Daddy and wee one:)

I felt so at home when I arrived...this little guy is one lucky fellow to have parents that are calm, easy-going and confident to take one whatever life may bring...what awesome role models he will have to follow...We talked and laughed and played with their sweet dog too...I felt like I was just hanging out with friends...(who happened to let me take a gazillion pictures of their newborn baby;)

So, with out further ado...I introduce this sweet "gift" from above:)



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