House of Princesses

I have known this family for a couple years now. 

I love photographing little girls...

probably because I have a household full of them myself...

Sooo, you can imagine my GLEE when their Mom told me she was pregnant with girlie number THREE!!! 

They are beautiful, sweet, innocent and delightful!  I had a wonderful morning with these gems!




Hannah: Senior Pics

It doesn't happen often.

Especially in a city environment...where people are always in a hurry...places to go, things to do...

Yes, every once in awhile, you might catch a neighbor watering the lawn and you give the obligatory may ask, "how are you?"...they reply with, "fine...beautiful weather we're having!"

And then...

you find a family, amazingly enough, only 2 doors down that ends up becoming more like family than just neighbors...

Hannah's family is one of those:)

I will even venture to say that her little sister has become a 4th daughter for me, just because I can't even count up the amount of hours that my girls spend at their house and vice versa:) 

I jumped at the chance to hang out with Hannah and her mom for an evening.  I trust her with my girls...she has helped me out of a handful of scrapes I've gotten myself into with bad time management on my part:)  She is unique, fun, and wise beyond her years...I could talk books with her FOR-EVER!!!  I"m so thankful that my girls have her to look up watch...

I think we got a little bit of her personality on our little excursion...and her beauty shines brightly!!!



Thanks again Hannah:)  you are beautiful!


Fall Schedule

Here is a tentative schedule for the month of September...I really do try to be as flexible as possible...I'm attempting to work around my daughters' soccer schedules, therefore I have limited morning availability on Saturdays...however, depending on circumstances (and weather of course), if you have a special case, please don't be shy...make sure you contact me and I'll do what I can to work you in:) 

Locations will be posted at a later time, however, if you are "first come",  you can have first pick and we'll post the location as such:)

As we get into the month of September I will begin scheduling for October...please keep in mind that I am dependent upon the weather, so rescheduling may have to occur:) 

I am so looking forward to some fun, lifestyle, family shoots that showcase your personalities and relationships!!!  Can't wait to hear from you!!!


Alex: senior pics

Confident, Trendy, Independent, Fun, Creative, Sporty, Insightful, Beautiful and Ecclectic...

These are just SOME of the words I would use to describe Alex:)  I've known her parents for quite some time, but it's only recently that I've spent time with her.  I am in awe of her insight, her compassion for others, her willingness to sacrifice "self", her incredible sense of fashion and the awesome ability to create!  She is beautiful both inside and out and I had a BLAST hanging out with her for a couple hours to try to capture just a snippet of all that makes her who she is!

I loved her ideas of color and SHOES...she sewed her own remarkable dress and had ideas on how to showcase that best!  She was and is amazing!  Hope you enjoy!

Congratulations to you!!!


Family Chaos...and loving it!

There's always a little bit of chaos that surrounds large family, fun and family:)  However, I'm confident that even amidst that chaos, there is the underlying smile of contentment for the love that runs through those family bonds.

I've been privileged to have photographed this extended family for the past 3 years...I've watched their families grown, go through heartache and pain, rejoice in victories and sorrow in loses...

And what has struck me the most, is that bond...they have never waivered...they travel from all corners of the continent to come together each summer.  It is a credit to the two that started it all in the beginning and the values they have instilled in their children...and now their children's children!

I hope you will enjoy just an overview of our time together:)

(remember when I mentioned "chaos"?...I LOVED this!)

Always some fun personality from this silly girl:)

This daddy will have his hands full someday when these girlies become teenagers...but, he's the perfect match for them all!  He and their mommy exude patience, love and great sense of humor!

Such a kind, respectful them!

He loves his daddy dearly!

oh, such love is bestowed on this sweet girl:)

All of these sweet families...beginning with the two of them:)  You are so very dear to me!  Thank you for letting me "be apart of YOUR family" each year:)



 I can't believe it's already August...this summer has flown's been filled with lots of family time and fun activities...but mostly, for my girls, it's been about play and just enjoying one another.  I think that's the one thing that I really like about living somewhat "out in the boonies" forces siblings to be together...Perhaps "force" is not the most appropriate word...maybe it is better said that it affords them the opportunity to look within their own family first, before searching outside friends, neighbors...THIS is what then causes these same siblings to be able to laugh and enjoy one be content with the simplicity of life...

I definitely found that to be true with this family as well...infact, it probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that, they too, live "out here in the boonies"...I'm not saying that it's the "only way to live" (although, I gotta tell you, my hubby loves his tractor:)...but, I have certainly enjoyed the family time perks it provides...

I can tell that this sweet family takes advantage of those moments as well...

When I got home to process through their pictures, so many of them brought smiles to my face...because what you see here is genuine and real...I can't tell you what it does for my heart to see strong marriages where mutual respect, love and loyalty are abundant.

Thank you for letting me spend some time with you...your family is lovely...and I can't wait to see how you'll use your family images for your campaign!  God Bless!


New Friends

The one thing that I enjoy most about this "job" is the plain and simple fact that I get to meet new people. 

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly and sincerely enjoy visiting again with those that come back to me year after year...I LOVE to see little ones grow and families change:)

However, it is always enjoyable to meet NEW family units:)  I'm always intrigued and encouraged (especially by fellow moms:)!

I happened to meet this sweet family at the Little Gym...where their youngest was performing in a special dance recital for which I came to photograph!  I distinctly remembered their sweet little girl...she was in the first group's performance...her shy countenance, but with that twinkle in her eye, is what caught me:)

Therefore, I was overjoyed when her mom gave me a call looking for someone to come take pictures at their beautiful home this summer!  I hope you enjoy:)

Thank you again for such a wonderful evening:)


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