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In this digital age, nearly every family has some sort of digital camera.

If you have an DSLR camera (that just means that it's a bigger camera with lots of features as opposed to a point and shoot) but can't seem to veer away from the little green AUTO box and don't want to decipher all the technical lingo...Maybe you can't seem to get your pictures to look the way you want them to...

If you have an Adobe Photoshop Elements program...want to create your christmas cards and scrapbook pages, but don't have a clue where to start...

I can offer you the knowledge that I have in small steps to get you on the road to creating what you envision.

I've used an SLR camera for over 15 years. My dad bought me my very first Nikon and I've just stuck with it ever since. When I got my DSLR (Digital big ole camera), I was THRILLED! However, I found that I still had much to learn...what is "bokeh?", the mere mention of shutterspeed and aperature sent my heart racing, can't I just leave it on auto?

I'm glad that I had some friends along the way that were able to guide me in the right direction...not only did it help me take better quality pictures, but, it changed the way I looked at picture taking in general.

Awhile after my DSLR purchase, I bought a program called Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
It was overwhelming (and that was over 5 years ago)...I knew what I wanted to be able to do in creating photos that "popped", but there were so many tools and pallettes and layers and brushes...where was I to start?

Over the years, and a few upgrades later, this photo editing program has become an intrigal part of my photography. It not only enhances my photos, but it also brings my storyboards to life.

All this to say, that I've been there! I know what it feels like to to have that huge camera in my hands, to know what I want my images to look like, to feel like a fish out of water when staring at that Program on the screen...

To those of you that are in that place, but are ready to take the step towards beautiful photos, to understand your camera, to learn how to enhance those images...I'd love to be that guide for you. As a former teacher, I love to see that glimmer in the eye when someone finally 'gets it'!

Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss some options that would best suit you.



Storyboards are just that...boards that tell a story. The pictures themselves capture the moment...the combination of the pictures gives you the entire event!

A Design Fee of $25 will get you a storyboard similar to the samples shown above, sized at 8 X 14. You will receive a high resolution file that you may print at your leisure, where ever you choose, and as many prints as you may choose as well.

***If you have another size or idea in mind, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to give you an estimate for the design fee/image file.
***discounts are given if images used are from a photo session with me


Album Design

Album Design is something that I LOVE to do.  I love to put together photos that already tell a story and make them flow into a book.  Although I enjoy working with my own photos because the story enfolds as I snap a picture myself, I am so willing to help you organize images that you may already have on your computer hard drive or CDs.  Because there is a myriad of albums available, pricing typically depends on the cost of the size, type and printing of the album that you choose.

Here are just some designs that I created for a lovely couple.  I created just a small 5 x 7 coffee table book for them of their wedding day.  I also create albums of special events (like reunions or birthday parties) or maybe a first year for a child...the options are endless!


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