As we were taking pictures during Colin's Senior Session (and guess what? was COLD...par the course this Fall...we basically went from summer, directly to late fall and skipped the middle part...90 to 40 degrees in a day!)

anyway...I kept thinking, "hmmm, he reminds me of someone...who is it?"

We kept talking...

we discussed the Scottish tartan that they discovered was their namesake and had it made into a tie (check that out below)...we talked about family bonds and generations and heritage...we chatted about their wanting to travel to Scotland...we spoke about his desire to join the military and the great things he will do...

all the while, something was rattling around in the back of my head trying to come to the forefront...

and then I realized it...

he looks like my brother...

Okay, so not exactly, as we aren't officially related, but it was his stature & even some mannerisms...coupled by the Scottish fair skin & freckles and light eyes...

you can even scroll down to see a picture of my brother's senior pic from "way back when"...

Colin reminds me more of my brother from his college years, but still, I saw a resemblance :) 

Regardless of whether you agree, I think we can settle on the fact that Colin has strength of character, determination, and a fair amount of spunk. He can be fierce and fearless, and yet has the calm & collective cool that is kind and insightful. 

Congrats Colin on a wonderful Senior year...can't wait to hear all that's headed your way! 

just for comparison brother...senior pic & wedding day:

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