Twice the Blessing

It's times like these that I am reminded once again, why I love this "photography job" :) Being an extrovert, meaning that I am completely energized by being around people, it affords me the ability to live life to the fullest!

I was blessed once again to hook up with another amazing family...I've been privileged to photograph them before and I am honored that they keep coming back:)

I have SUCH admiration for parents of twins...I know how challenging ONE child can be...not only physically (especially in the early months) but emotionally and mentally too.  This family amazes me...

These sweet little girls couldn't be more different and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that their Mommy let's their differences shine...and I think you'd be hard pressed to find two parents more dedicated, devoted and insightful to their just over one year old twins than this mom and dad:)  I loved listening to their encouraging words not only to their girls, but to each other...I can't imagine the stress it puts on marriages with the late nights, feedings, bathing...and these two are pros...

I watched them not just work together as a team, but enjoy each other in the process...

It was a joy to run around the campus...watching their blooming personalities...I hope you will enjoy these memorable images:)

Thank you again for sharing your sweet girls and some family memories...with me:)  SOOOO thankful for YOU!


Happy Anniversary

In today's, race to top, instant are often hard-pressed to find those that have chosen to swim upstream, so to speak.  Those that have the character, integrity, and determination to go after something because they see the long-term...the BIG picture...they seem to know what really matters in life. 

I was honored to meet such people recently.  They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  Now, although they acted as sweet and loving as you would expect someone who is celebrating such an occasion, I would be niave to think that life has just been a piece of cake for them...and yet, here they are, still together, still holding hands, still choosing to see the best in life, the best in each other. 

If I could just bottle up some of that insight...that purposeful living...for when life gets hard...not only do I know that I'd come out stronger, but goodness, I could sell that for millions don't ya think???

I don't often hold indoor photo sessions...especially for large groups...I'm a natural light photographer...kinda makes it hard when you're indoors, it's cloudy and there aren't many windows...

Let's just say that we didn't let it stop me this time around...suffice it to say, they were gracious enough to even take out a screen in the window so I could climb's that for innovative? (or out of my mind, I'll let you decide)

It was worth it could I turn down an opportunity to meet up with such people?  It was truly an honor...and I"m beyond thankful that I did:)

We had some time to do some individual family shots and fun times with these sweet models:)


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