FAMILY SESSION: Sure! We can get her to smile!!!

My youngest would NOT smile for a camera until she was 3 years old.  

Anytime a camera came near her prior to that time, and she KNEW we were looking for "happy"...oh she'd totally POUT! 

Of course, the "photographer" in me was frustrated...because I KNEW what her happy truly looked like and all I wanted was to capture that for the generations of family to the same time, the MOM in me knew that this was part of HER...this was a personality quirk that would run it's course and we'd laugh about it later...

but OH...when we could sneak up on her...and get those giggles and those cute little baby teeth and squinty eyes from a smile that's gone too was delightful!

AND SO...whilst this little girlie isn't necessarily crazy about a big, looming camera in her face snapping pictures constantly...I know it blessed her mommy's heart when we were able to secretly snap her true spirit!

And if I had a son...I'd want him to be just like this little guy...

such a tender-hearted big brother...and yet, that "all-boy" spirit keeps you on your toes...

he makes me smile, everytime we meet up!

But, to be sure, I love them all...their familiar and comfortable way of being together makes it easy to be around them...

New this year, was adding "puppy" to the mix...

Okay, perhaps not "puppy" any longer...but sure to scroll to the end because I think it might have been a miracle that we got that last shot!!! 

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