Pensive Thoughts:)

I bore easily...

Some people might call it ADD or just plain distracted, but the fact of the matter is that if I stay at one thing for very long, I get bored.  And then I have to try to either spice it up or switch gears all together.

Therefore, I can't tell you how much fun I've had lately with clients who have specifically chosen different and unique locations to have their photo sessions!

Infact, I've yet to go to a "usual" place this's been challenging and just plain fun!

This little guy is growing like a weed and is adored by his parents more each day!

We headed off to the ZOO for the of his favorite places...

We found sweet nooks and crannies to explore...and though his Mommy and Daddy thought him just a tad "grumpy", I saw him more as pensive and introspective:)  He's going to be a thinker, this one:)  I think he's going to be one of those kiddos who purposes something in his head, gets it all figured out and then, all of sudden, when the timing is just right, he's going to take off and just blow everyone way with his skill and 'know-how'!

"Seriously, how do you get that from a once in a year session Colleen?"  you may ask???

Okay, well, let's all remember that along with my tendency to get bored, I am also a romantic and like to let my imagination run if I get even the slightest "vibe" from a little one, I just run with it:) 

Whether anyone agrees with my future prediction or not, I KNOW you'll agree that he is undeniably cute...and you can just "feel" the love this family has for one another!

Thank you again for letting me spend the morning with you!  I had such a good time and LOVED watching you both act silly just get this sweet expression from your growin' boy:)  You all are amazing!!!


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