I mentioned in Patrick's first sneak peek that upon meeting him, I did a double take...his coloring and all reminded me of my Italian husband and I wondered at Patrick's cultural background. 

His mom wondered the ethnicity background as well because they aren't quite sure of his dad's ancestry, of whom Patrick resembles most...they guess that there might be Greek or Italian or maybe even Spanish/Mexican decent as well...

I am very much into heritage/ancestry studies...I have an entire 8 paned window in my office dedicated to great, great grandparents pictures and Ellis Island papers...and where I have more Scottish/English roots, my husband definitely carries the Italian genes into our home...It's fun to find out all those interesting backgrounds...

but, I always try to remember that what is in the here and now is really what is most important...the choices we make in the present...those are the things that define us and our character, not necessarily from where our ancestors come...

Patrick is a perfect gentleman with a winning smile. I honestly couldn't take a poor picture of him if I tried...he's just a natural!  No matter whether he may crave spicy food or's the relationships into which he invests in the's the kind way he interacts with his's the respectful way he carries himself...these are the things that really struck me the most after our time together! 

I'm loving all the Seniors/Class of 2018 this year that have been in front of my camera...I've been rather spoiled with not only beautiful faces, but kind & thoughtful young adults!

Congratulations Patrick...I have no doubt this year, and the many coming, will be amazing for you!

For those that want to see pictures of my husband in perhaps some "earlier" see what I mean when I say I saw some "similarities" can see and read our "story" in two parts HERE and HERE

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