Well...we have hit October!  

I'm so thankful to live in a world where there are October (quote courtesy of Anne of Green Gables) however, it also means this is the crazy busy season for photographers and seemingly every activity known to man for schools, youth groups and families...WHEW!

It gets a bit hectic!

I'm so thankful for my grace giving clients that understand the timeline I'm traveling on along with everyone else. Much of the reason that I do sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook and on this blog, is to help curb the wait time for my families and seniors...I suppose if I didn't do the "peeks", I could get galleries delivered 2-3 days earlier, but who wants to wait THAT long before seeing ANYTHING? 

Not to mention...when families produce adorable children and you have beautiful people on your screen day in and day out, you can't help but continue to edit and give more into those galleries as well...

that all translates into TIME :) 

Once a session is complete, I scurry home and edit the first 10-12 images that catch my eye...I schedule for IG and FB to post within 2-3 days of the actual session...because the consecutive days are filled with more sessions, I let those "sneak peeks" soak up a bit...after about 2 weeks (especially in October) I gather the rest of those images and post them in a blog post (like this one) It's my way of saying, "I haven't forgotten about you! I'm still working on them...and I"m almost finished!"
Once we hit around the 3-4 week mark, I get that gallery uploaded...9.5 times out of 10, you have wayyy over the guaranteed amount of images too...and I hope that the excess makes up for the wait time.  

Processing images for Seniors is about making sure self-conscious areas are taken care of and just the right lighting has been achieved...for families, it sometimes means me carefully choosing which images tell the story, capture the twinkle, give the most emotion...

And since it's more than just a picture to me...because it's a's an extension of myself and how I see the narrative, I put a lot of emotion and heart into my post processing...

I've got many sessions in the lineup currently, but when I see smiling faces like these grace my screen it reminds me why it's all worth it.

Their little guy was enamored by rocks and squirrels and all things CURIOSITY!  I loved chasing them both around and capturing their giggles, tackles and smiles!

It's just another season of life...and so worth capturing! 

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