Elena knew exactly how she wanted to "tell her story" for Senior pictures...

She's a little bit city and a whole lotta nature...she has a passion for justice and helping those that seem to get the raw end of the deal.  She's confident and daring, and isn't scared to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes is right. 

For her session, we needed to do a bit more traveling than my typical norm...because she's a lover of concerts, we needed to head into downtown to catch the billboards and gateways into the performance areas...she is zealous for the show! And it was super exciting for me to have the opportunity to be shown around a new area and hear all about the thrilling concerts she has attended.

Fortunately for us, her other love (all things environmental :) was just around the corner...and so we spent the remaining time walking around the park and catching the most beautiful golden hour light!

Her sister has already paved her own way and demonstrated that same fervor for life..and so Elena has followed in confidence, carving her own pathway to her future. She is beautiful and stunning and I have no doubt she will make a big impression on this world!

I'm excited to see where her future takes her...

Congrats Elena!

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