The barn has been a highlight this year for family sessions...
It is a sweet historical site!  They host many 'a wedding and event and so securing available times feels like winning the lottery when we know we have an opportunity to use their grounds. 

It's a nice little haven with all the construction around these parts...

We were very grateful that we had the chance to snag a half hour or so for a family session on one such evening...we barely escaped rain, but escaped it we did! 

The first time I met this family, a few years back, they were scheduled during the most colorful day of October! They've continued to trust me with their family pictures each year since then, and we've been able to not only boast beautiful scenery but genuine expressions of the dynamics of their family!

The barn was a perfect backdrop for them as they are getting settled soon into their new home (which will host similar colors!) I also discovered that our eldest daughters have a class together at our high school as well! I continue to be amazed at the people I have the opportunity to encounter in our area...the chance to not just make connections, but friends! 

Lori is gracious and kind...thoughtful and sincere...

I have so appreciated her generosity of spirit with me...I've said it before (and I'll say it again)  this "job" is something more than I ever, EVER imagined...

and I'm so very grateful that I meet families like these :) 

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