FAMILY SESSION: and pup comes too

I had a dog growing up named Sammy.

She was sort of a dad found her in a ditch and brought her home.  She "adopted" me as her puppy when I was just a baby. She would stand over top of me when I crawled, she let me sit on her and play with her ears...I cried buckets of tears when she died...

My first dog as an adult was a yellow Labrador.  Her name was Bailey and she was every bit a protector as well.  Everyone loved her.  It was with her that I learned to be not so fearful when my husband had to travel...she would sleep at the top of our stairs all night long when he was away...
It was sad when she passed as well.

Dogs have a way of calming us, loving us in spite of our moods, taking away the stresses of the day and being the ever faithful companion....

Granted, they may bring a different twist to a family photo session, but I understand completely how they become part of the family...and it just makes sense to include them...

Mommy is in education, Daddy is the police force...these kiddos have strong, compassionate and dedicated parents...people who serve made perfect sense to me to watch all of them love on one another and on their sweet pup...who no doubt, gives them the unconditional love needed when the service to others becomes exhausting...

This pup calmly allowed the hugs and the playing in the leaves...gently led them walking and was incredibly made me miss my Bailey...

It's enjoyable to me, as I'm finishing up the edits of so many October/early November be reminded of my time with families.  I have already shared a few sneak peeks earlier, and this time around, I go through a grab more to put on a post before I run through and edit everything.  

I'm so thankful for the memories and the smiles...and the families I meet that value not just the images, but the experience of time together! 

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