FAMILY SESSION: Tree Farm Bonanza

November snuck up on us...

and then sort of smacked us in the face with cold weather, rain and whipping wind!

Back in August & September when I sent out the availability for photo sessions, the time slots were scooped up within about 4 was crazy and wonderful all at the same time...

The difficulty is scheduling with my own family of 5 in mind (two being teenagers with a boatload of activity and homework of which I am sometimes needed to participate)  along with other families that have the same.  Therefore combining schedules and trying to come up with a potential date/time and THEN crossing your fingers for the weather is definitely risky!

My cousins own a tree farm around the block from my home.  Cousin Dave is a pilot and the farm was actually used for his runway for years (and even years before him as well) You can read the history of the land HERE...when our cousins purchased the land, they planted christmas trees to line it....Thus Fly Away Farm!  

Typically in November, if it isn't too muddy, I attempt to do last minute sessions (weather permitting) at the farm...and just a handful of families were fortunate enough to have the chance! 

It may have been a bit chilly, but these boys powered through...I won't tell you what made them laugh so hard in some of these images but it may have rhymed with "cart"

ahhhh boys!!! I had such fun with them all! Especially since their family make up is the same as my brothers with 4 boys, the youngest being twins! 

I'll be back to the farm the first weekend in December to chop down our Christmas tree again this year...I've been to this farm since even before my husband and I were's a tradition in his family that we've carried on into our married life too! 

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