FAMILY SESSION: Content and Happy

I've mentioned it a couple of times already, in previous posts...

As time keeps passing, I realize that the things I want to remember most about my children's childhood, is their laughter, their enjoyment of one another, their relationships with each other and with me & their dad...

I want to look back at pictures and not just see a perfect smile and "just right" clothes...but, I want to FEEL their Happy...I want to relive the noise of their laughter...I want to remember their stubbornness and their charm...I want to reflect on their roles as firstborn or baby...

I want others that look at the photos that decorate the walls of my home and think, "Those kids are HAPPY...they are content...they are LOVED!"

I'm sure I could get them all well behaved and sitting perfectly still for pictures...but, my girls have always been antsy...I opt for the squeezes and belly laughs...I go for the tongue between their teeth in their smile because it means they were just on the cusp of laughing really hard!

These kiddos had FUN during their and dad let them be themselves and focused on allowing it to be an experience for their family to enjoy together...and the end result ended up being images that reflect personality, evidence of a family that sticks together and loves to BE together!

Thanksgiving is this week...I'm so ready for time together!!!  

Unknown  – (29.11.17)  

Its quite different blog from others. This is nice photography with happy family.

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