I actually love when Seniors bring along a tends to make laughing easy and rounds out the whole Senior Experience! 

Alissa brought along her cousin and the 3 of us had beautiful time. 

People ask a lot about "what to wear" and "how many outfits" for a typical session...I liked Alissa's natural take on it...

She started off with something feminine but casual...something that is telling of HER and her personality...I like the soft cream, and the little details, even down to the small necklace...

She then stepped it up a little with a dress...flowy so that it worked in both classic settings but also in a field of green...I like that Seniors often bring something a little extra to their's not perhaps what they'd wear on an everyday occurrence, but it taps into a different facet of their personality. 

Lastly, she chose strictly casual...the everyday Alissa...and I loved that...because again, it's about remembering WHO you are in this's showcasing the YOU of 2017/2018 and not just "Sunday best" but the everyday...remembering the seemingly mundane, but the moments of just what life brings.

Alissa is a quiet, kind soul...with a subtle confidence that was refreshing. 

Can't wait to delivery her entire gallery soon! 

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