FULL FAMILY SESSION: Give me a smirk

Here's my thing...

I know that picture taking isn't for everyone...especially in the morning...when you have to travel after having had to get up early and get all "prettified"...

because I know this...because, for heavens sake THAT IS ME...I'm not a morning person either and really, why do you think I like to be the on HOLDING the camera?  ummm, because I'd rather do that than be in front of it!!!

And so...when I know people have made the effort for the love of their family...you better believe I'm going to attempt to make it as painless as possible...and perhaps *gasp* even semi-enjoyable :) 

For those that know me well, you are rolling your eyes at this point...because you know that if necessary, I'll do cartwheels...I can tell bad jokes, make fun of myself, tease, throw a little sarcasm...I'm happy to do whatever I can to make everyone forget the early morning alarm clock or the ironing of the clothes or the application of all things beauty...

because when it comes down to it, it's a memory...it's an experience...with your family...and THAT is what matters most...

This family had ME laughing from the beginning...their wit and quiet charm...oh, I was having a heyday with the lot of them! And when I saw the smirks make their appearances and we got the "right out laughs" I got completely caught up in their revelry and had a blast!

They are a sweet group, with hilarious sibling dynamics that made me miss my brother all the more!

I think you'll enjoy their images as well!

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