BEHIND THE SCENES: I'm really that crazy!

You all know that I'm a tad extroverted...

My friends may lovingly describe me as animated, expressive, loquacious, unreserved, vociferous...

These are kind words for CRAZY, LOUD, RAMBUNCTIOUS and SILLY!

I'm not a very good "actress"...I'm more of a "what you see if what you get" type of person and therefore...when I come to a photo session, you get me in all my unabashed glory...

If it's not fun, I get bored easily and therefore, I strive for FUN!

As you'll see in the pictures that follow, I have no problem laughing at myself and my goal is to allow you to feel comfortable (and perhaps feeling like the only sane one present at times) while getting the best angles and light to showcase YOU!

My bestie, AnneMarie, graciously followed me around on my Senior Day last weekend and laughed at me the whole time   enjoyed photographing my efforts for this Behind the Scenes post!

I know it seems out of the ordinary for photographers to show you pictures on their LCD screen, but earlier in our time together, I want to be sure that I'm capturing you as YOU see yourself...I need you to feel good with how that translates back to the screen...

This is me explaining how NOT to pose yourself...I welcome opportunities to make myself look goofy so that YOU DO NOT!

Because apparantly it's enjoyable to  crawl on cold concrete???

"Okay, let me show you how you can bend your legs into a pretzel...cuz it's fun to do that on a walkway in the middle of a park!"

"Wait, did someone just drive up with Starbucks? is that a donut?  it might be chocolate?"
I don't have words for this one...ummm....
yeah, no clue...

I crack myself up at my own jokes!


Here is my pretzel bending example again...

Anne Marie  – (12.4.16)  

You are too cute ;) Love the watermark too! :)

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