Our school district sometimes has some rather "unique" ways of distributing students to all the different schools.  I've been on these "boards" in the past, trying to determine the boundary lines and bus routes and all.the.things. that come with redistricting... 

One of the downfalls from this process is the division it causes within friend groups...children entering middle school sometimes come with a handful of students to their location and quickly learn how to make new friends...and then 3 years later, they often must do this all over again...

And while, yes, I did label it a downfall, it can also have blessings and positive impacts as well...

We met Megan in that first transition...those middle school years when the students were navigating through all the newness. 

My daughter and I knew right away that Megan was a gem...They had many years of influence on each other...of encouragement and growth!...and while it was heartbreaking to then have to say "goodbye" as she and my girl were then directed in opposite directions when it came to HS, it was heart-warming and UNsurprising to see that Megan is still the wonderful, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful girl we first knew all those years before...

It was a blessing to have known her back then and in the growing pains of transition, it only made her more confident and mature! 

Congratulations Megan on an amazing Senior year...I have NO DOUBT that you are going to continue to do great things and impact people in amazing ways in your future!  You are much loved girlie!!! 

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