FAMILY SESSION: growing up men (and a baby girl)

She told me that last time (a year ago, before little sis was born) that she doubted we had captured ONE image of her little guy looking even remotely happy...

He's a "wise little man" and tends to be rather pensive...and I understood her hesitation to hope for the best...

This year however, was a different story altogether...with new  "wittle baby wips" and big brother duties...these little guys were all smiles (and rocks and acorns and energy!!!)

Little do we realize the impact of consistent and positive parenting on little ones...

Oh it's not perfect and 2 + 2 doesn't always, necessarily equal FOUR in every situation...

and yet...

little by watching Daddy's caring and compassionate Mommy's holding true to expectations and constant both of them modeling responsibility, respect and setting boundaries...these young men are maturing and growing with heaps of character!!!

New baby sister won't be at a loss for protective, watchful eyes of big brothers...that's for sure!

Theirs is a household of contentment and acceptance, gentleness (with a dash of boy-energy) and great loads of LOVE...which they in turn, spread to all those to whom they come in contact!!! 

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