I'm not sure where to start with this gal...

Amanda is intelligent, kind and a natural...

I like that she's always just WHO she is, no matter who is watching!

It takes confidence and being comfortable in one's own skin to be able to tread the waters of high school...and Amanda has done it with grace and grit :) 

I've watched her stare down opponents on a tennis court...I've seen her hug friends that need some extra comfort...I've observed her leadership, her kindness, and her ability to be REAL no matter the situation!

She's got wit and a bit of competition in her :) 
She's a friend to anyone...people recognize her loyalty, her dependability...

but most of all, Amanda doesn't pretend to be someone she isn't...

she's embraced all that she's created to be...I love her heart and her lovely charm...

There is no pretense with her...and that makes her all the more endearing!!! 

congrats are FABULOUS!

Anonymous –   – (29.10.18)  

Wow, Colleen, you are so amazing!! These are ALL so beautiful!! You know how to get the perfect smile at the perfect time! Thank you so much for all your kind words as well, I totally agree with everything you said :)

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