FAMILY SESSION: the whole gang is here...

Normally, with family sessions, I'm needing to amp up my game...

I've got to be psyched for fake sneezes, slapstick humor and "accidentally" tripping, making faces and displaying my natural ability for touching my tongue to my nose in order to get littles to relax and just BE in front the camera.

Not so much with this gang...

Fortunately, they didn't need me to do cartwheels and happy dances to get them to smile...


The Dad of the gang knew his wife had a love for photos and even more so, photos that capture her children...these kiddos that are already leaving the nest (one got married 3 weeks ago and the other is getting married next week) So, he purchased a session for Christmas and once the weather permitted and all the schedules aligned, we met up at a beautiful park.

Brothers have a way of putting everyone at ease with their antics.  This family was no exception. 

I loved listening to their banter...watching their new wives interact with new family dynamics...laughing as siblings did their "thing" (reenacting sound of music) and seeing smiles permanently affixed to their faces. 

I've known them since I got married...the patriarch of the whole clan, is dad to this dad pictured here.  He was an important role model and friend to my husband as he grew up. My hubby has shared stories of amusement park outings and sitting next to Dr. Burt during church as a wee little guy, spinning his tie tack while the preacher spoke. 

This family has a legacy...they have a core, a foundation that is being taught and passed down through the generations...

It's an honor to know them! 

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