The street around the corner from my house is actually named because of his family.

How cool is that?  To have a street named after you? 

It's the simple things in life that really mean the most...

It's not about how many toys you have or designer clothing or seemingly perfect lives...

It's really in the messy that you find out for what your heart longs and strives...

It's in the bare feet and no make up the crazy and the "oh my goodness I just need 5 minutes of quiet" days...

It's in those moments that you recognize that the person that has committed to stick with you for life, is truly your best friend...that the littles you have created together have both the best and the worst of you and you love them with a fierceness that is frightening...

It's in these moments that you hang on for dear work, even when it hurts, when it's hard, when it doesn't seem fair, when it pours and the sun doesn't seem like it's every going to shine...

This putting "self" aside because you LOVE, is's powerful...and it creates families that are truly amazing!

You can FEEL the happy when you are with this emanates from their very being! There isn't pretense or a show to put's a natural joy that is birthed from working day in and day out...figuring things out together...laughing and crying...tickling and sitting still:)

It was a privilege to meet up with them and I'm even more excited that they are my neighbors too! 

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