FAMILY SESSION: energy galore

She found me on Instagram as a tip from her sister (whom you saw sneak peeks of earlier this week on Facebook) Their children were engaging and conversationalist right from the start...

This in turn led us to discover a commonality...

You see, we had her session on a Tuesday because Monday/Wednesdays have been training days for my girl that recently joined 4H. When my husband travels, it's more difficult to find transportation for her to participate...and so, while discussing all the fun things we're doing this summer, we happened upon our dogs...and then 4H...and then we discovered that we attended the same training on Monday!

Curiously enough, we realized that their oldest and my middle girl were actually in the same circle of training the day before as well...and we hadn't known or met each other yet.  

You can be sure that we'll be doing some daughter introductions in the future and I'm looking forward to many new friends through 4H this year as well.

All 4 kiddos had energy galore and were excited to share their ideas, enthusiasm and FUN for our session.  What had my heart exploding though, happened at the end...

Their oldest boy had confided in me that "Mom told us that if we did a good job for pictures we could get ice cream." I asked him what he thought about that.  He said, "Well, I actually thought pictures were going to be awful and we'd all be bored and be yelling and we'd want it to be over...but, this hasn't been bad at all..infact, it's been kinda fun!" 

Talk about making my night!

I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with these kiddos and their parents...they were a breath of fresh air, even on this sticky hot day...their conversation and relationships were evidently built on a strong foundation of trust and love and respect.  

I was highly impressed!!

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