Beautiful Light Night

I do know that the "setting" of a story can have a heavy impact on the narrative. 

If you read about a wedding ceremony that takes place in a circus ring as opposed to a cathedral, you definitely are imagining a "different" ambiance, if you will...

At the same time, I know that good authors, no matter the setting, can develop characters and set up the scene in such a way that you are captivated!  Along with that, setting, when used correctly, can actually "add to" the depth of a story...

I believe it's the same with photography...

When "telling a story" for a family session, I will use the setting to my advantage so that I can add to their narrative being's not always necessary, mind you...having a focus on relationships and personalities, you don't need "a lot" to to enhance what is already a twinkle in the eyes of a little sister or a Mommy loving on her baby boy!

This is an athletic, outdoors family...they enjoy their sports and running and outdoor play...therefore, this setting played a major role in capturing their family.  I wish I could just share their entire gallery!

The light happened to be shining bright this evening as well...and we even met a fishman nearby who found me later on'll have to look him up HERE  He was actually there that evening with fishin' pole in hand, spending time with his kids...

again, "setting" playing a big role in his narrative too!

I love their enthusiasm and energetic natures...they value their time together and capturing the essence of their relationships through play and loving on one another...

I think you'll "SEE" as you scroll through some of their images...

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