Blogging with Purpose...{SEEing ME}

For those that followed my personal blog, a long while back, this image will be familiar to you.

I'm a visual person...a visual learner...

When someone paints an image or gives me a word picture, I'm more likely to connect, to understand, to absorb, to feel...

I want my "voice" to give me a renewed perspective in the seemingly inconsequential, commonness of everyday life...

I've been taking classes recently, about business & blogging...writing & teaching...My head sometimes feels like it's going to explode with everything else that's jammed in there with the mundane chores of maintaining a household filled with husband, children and a dog...and other times it's like I'm on this incredible ride and I'm watching all these super cool twists and turns...

As a mom, when it comes to blogging, there is a level of trepidation...My life is not my own and I want to guard those aspects for the sake of my daughters...However, I believe we all have a reason that we still have breath...and though God hasn't seem fit to give me a captive audience of thousands in a grand auditorium each evening...I do believe that He gave me a share with whomever I encourage, to build up, if I am able.

So I started to think about what I would blog about...and though politics & education & social issues could potentially bring in the debates and traffic...I realize that I desperately want to feel and SEE purpose in the BEing in life...

It's not that those other things aren't important...I just know that God wired me differently and therefore, my voice will be unique, just as everyone else...

For me, I need to remind myself to settle from all the chaos around me...believe, I get caught up in EVERYTHING...I'm an extrovert...which makes my adrenaline start pumping with each new topic that pops up on facebook...But, how often are we just rushing through to get to the "next thing" anticipation of something "more important"...As I continue to write out my thoughts on blogging...I want YOU, my readers (and myself) to SEE

...see beauty and joy in OTHERS
...see dedication & purpose in educating ourselves to capture moments
...see inspiration and ideas
...see the specialness of BEing

I want this blog to, at times, inspire, educate, entertain and to share a bit of myself...

I hope you will join me!!!

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