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If you missed it on Monday, I posted a BLOG about my niece and her besties...and it made me happy inside...

Friendships have that affect!

On that same day, I found myself in the waiting room of a hospital while one of my besties was draped in a hospital gown awaiting the nurse to call her back for her MRI. And it hit me, like it has a gazillion times before...just how grateful I am for my much I love them!

I'm a relational person by nature...and I'm clingy and loyal...basically, if you give me the okay to call you one of my closest friends, girl, you better be ready to be STUCK.FOR.LIFE.

My husband jokes that I get so clingy sometimes that he wonders if I want to just shrink myself down to miniature and just fit in his pocket.

I know this can be "high maintenance" for some...and that is precisely why I value these girlfriends so very much...I'm more than a "handful" sometimes...I can be dump truck-ful for heaven's sake and they offer such grace and patience...

and I love them for it!

I thought I'd showcase a few of my friends for you...These are the 3 that I tend to "bug" the most, so I'll start with them, but I have a handful more that I would also consider sisters of my heart...I'll save those introductions for a later date.

First comes AnneMarie

She's my CRAZY other half...the one that doesn't just watch me be ridiculous, but she joins right in...peeing pants and laughing hysterically included!  I used to think that we were identical, but as we've grown closer, I've become more aware of her introverted nature, her grace giving and generous spirit...these are all things that I am drawn to because they are my opposites and it makes sense why we are so close!

However, she does have a WILD just have to tap into it...but beware, she can whoop it up with the best of them and once she gets going...hang on for the ride!

She is the one that is constantly teaching me about grace.  She honestly thinks of others more than herself all the time...infact, I am the one that becomes the "mama bear" ready to rip anyone to shreds that dares to mess with her or take advantage of her sweet spirit.  But, she is quick to remind me of God's sacrifice and as I listen to her, I'm convicted once again and so grateful for the truth she so often just LIVES OUT as an example to me.

Next up is Sara

I was so going to put her middle name on here but she'd totally kill me...
Sara is another opposite personality friend...and  I mean just about opposite ends of the spectrum...
She's organized, introverted, thoughtful, methodical in her thinking, likes a plan...this is all contrary to my messy, extroverted, spontaneous crazy...but she gets me!

We taught in, IN THE SAME CLASSROOM TEAM TAUGHT after was basically hilarious!  We had the MOST AWESOME classroom and if life could be lived that way all the time...well, then WOOT WOOT!

She lost her dad as a teenager and therefore, in college when I was struggling after losing my sister...when I was mad at God and the world...she didn't judge, she didn't try to give me a quick fix, she didn't "expect" anything...she just walked with me, encouraged me, listened to my roller coaster of emotions...I'm sure I wore her out, but she never wavered nor gave up on me...

And not only that, she keeps me accountable at the same time.  I have friends in my life that I love, but we aren't afraid to disagree or call each other out.  And I can't tell you how thankful I am for that...Oh sure, you can choose to only spend time with people that are just like you, that agree with everything you do...and you can fool yourself into thinking that you'll be happier this way...
but, there is a verse that says, "Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" ...this is what relationships were meant to grow one another...not to reach a pinnacle of popularity or model status...not just to party and be happy...that's not our purpose here in this life...our greater purpose is a million times more satisfying & amazing as we invest in people's lives and grow to be the individuals we were created to become!

Sara doesn't attack a problem the same way that I do...nor has she agreed with my emotional summation of situations from time to time...She lets me vent, she lets me "get it out" and then she "sets me straight" her kind, gentle and teacher way...reminding me that life isn't all about ME.

Her heart is amazing and I know that I can trust her with mine...OH these incredible life long friends that I've been given...we've been friends for over 20 years...I hate that she lives so far from me now...I wish we could be neighbors...but, since we aren't, we vacation together at every chance that we get...because we both know how much friends build into our lives and we value our time together!

Finally, for this round at least, is Laurie

Guess what?  she's another opposite...she also happens to be my brother's wife...which explains the opposite thing (especially if you know my brother & me)

I love her...not just because she married my brother, although...KUDOS TO YOU GIRL!  Lord knows you have to have a huge heart and a LOT of patience to marry one of us!!!

The thing that I cherish most about Laurie is the fact that she just accepts me just how I am...I know I can totally drive her nuts (I'm a talker, like my brother...and when you get both of us jabberin' your ears off...well...) I vent to her, I throw crazy questions at her, I totally spring things on her last minute...and she takes it all in stride...she has a way of making you feel like you're the most important thing in the world when you talk with her...she stops everything to listen...even as my family invades her house and there is seemingly chaos all around...she has a calming effect on all with whom she comes in contact.

And oh how she loves my girls...they adore their Aunt Laurie...they know that when Mommy & Uncle Don get a little fired up and start into their "remember when..." talks...they can go to Aunt Laurie and get a little dose of sanity again.

Who are your best friends? What makes them click so well with you?  Are you opposites as well? Does he or she "sharpen" you?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend...give your bestie a hug or a phone call...let them know how much you appreciate them!

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