The Constitutional Convention...a middle school play

My oldest has found her niche with youngest is still enjoying rec soccer...

Middle school is that unique time where you are just trying to figure out where you belong.  My middle girl is introspective, compassionate, thoughtful, insightful and quite frankly, she amazes me. She's alot like her daddy and I think that makes us "click" pretty well together!

She's recently dabbled in "acting" with the drama club at school and this extroverted, limelight-seeking momma of hers is THRILLED!

Now, of course, she has a different approach than her "wacko-mother" but, that's okay with me because she's a breath of fresh air and I love her spirit!

She had performances this weekend, in the midst of all my photo sessions and soccer games and trading in some iphones and getting all that squared away...

She was fantastic!

I know, I'm probably biased, but I will tell you that when I can watch an entire performance and not get that anxious/embarrassed feeling for the actors & actresses, then I call that a good time! Does anyone else deal with this anxiety?  I have such empathy for those on the stage and I get nervous if they forget lines...I want to go and rescue them...

I was in an 8th grade play during my middle school years...

don't worry this doesn't have anything to do with flying off the back of cars or breaking bones...

I played the part of Charity Haze...a female James Bond...(doesn't that just suit me well? ummm, NO)

I helped solve the crime from the play: The Butler Did It

I only remember one line...the one I said as the fake thunder crashed, and I supposedly jumped out of a plane to land at the mansion...

"Charity Haze...That's Who!!"

I don't remember the context of the exhortation, but I said it with gusto!

My middle girl has a bit more poise than her momma did back in the was lovely to see her in her element.  I told her recently that I was actually surprised that an introverted person like herself would be excited about being the center of attention on a stage...

to which she replied, "Mom, it's not me up there...I'm a completely different person and it's fun to play parts that I'd never do in real life!"

It's a fun thing to watch confidence in your kids!

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