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So, back when I had my first baby girl, my mom reminded me that I had colic...that I screamed for 9 months of my first year of life...I projectile vomitted and maybe slept 2.5 hours at one nighttime:(

all lovely reminders for a new mom...

and though my mom was extremely sympathetic and incredibly helpful, I often wondered if perhaps there wasn't just a teeeeny bit of "payback" when my little blessing decided to follow in her mommy's little booties:)

My husband and I look back on those times with angst & exhaustion fond memories :)  One thing it has done for me, is allowed me to be much more understanding and at least attempt to encourage others who find themselves in similar situations. 

See, I have 3 girls...2 of which were acid refluxy, colicky, non-sleepers...until they were 1.  (and maybe not until 18 months for one of them)  However, I also had one that was "typical"...the kind that you could leave wimpering for about .5 seconds and then they'd put themselves to sleep.  The kind that you can get on a semi-schedule and life is a dream...

Noone understood in the beginning...they kept telling me to do Babywise and all sorts of other "methods" of helpfulness...What noone understands though, is that if you don't have a "typical"'s just harder...and things that other people swear by, just aren't going to hack it with you...

Oh, my...when did CT Photo become a sounding board for BabyCenter huh?  The point is...when I see new moms that have little ones that "might" just do a bit more than the average crying and a bit LESS than the average heart goes out to them...because I've been there...

However, I also know the countless hours that go into soothing and loving and comforting those little ones...and the bonding that is inevitable...

This little guy's mommy needed to head back to work just before his 3 month mark...and she and I have been good friends for awhile...and we'd been chatting all through these months about sleep (or lack thereof)...The love she has for this little one is to the moon and infinity and beyond...and it's evident...OH SO evident in every little way she talks to him, how she holds him, how she soothes him...she knows his breathing, his sounds, his could she not...she's been holding him for 3 months straight and POURING love into him...

And though there is some part time work ahead, it's not going to stop...the loving, I mean...

Praise God, this little guy has been able to figure out the sleep thing a tad earlier than 2 of my girls did...and for that, I know his mommy (and daddy:) are grateful...but, regardless, I have enjoyed the friendship/mom bond that we've been able to forge:) 

He's a cutie and an incredible blessing to those that love him most!!!

One last little glimpse of that sweet smile:) 

Thanks Mike & Amy for sharing him with us:)  And remember, we are soooo up for babysitting:)  Any time!!!


Cranel kickin' off a new year!!

I'm always so grateful for the opportunity to document different events.  I love the relaxed settings and just being able to capture people in their element.  Cranel is a family owned/operated company that has become family to us as well.  I have so enjoyed the relationships that my husband has formed and in turn, has allowed me to obtain. 

These meetings kick off the new year...they begin with meetings and speakers that encourage and set the stage for the upcoming year...In the evening we are served a delicious meal while applauding those that have met quotas and  have exceeded expectations! 

It's a fun day into evening event!  Thank you again Cranel, for allowing me to take part!


FORMER CLIENTS!!! Can ya help me out???

Well, hi...welcome to 2012...

I know, I'm about 3 weeks late, but I suppose better late than never right? 

I'm soooo looking forward to this year!  My girls are getting older, we have some fun family things planned and I'm loving the continued opportunities that I am afforded with CTPhotoMemories...

Already this year, I've been able to purchase a new lens...which in turn allowed me to get some really insightful images during a business event...I've been able to photograph a sweet 3 month old and have had countless inquiries into "when can we book a session this spring/summer!"

I can't tell you how good it does my heart to hear that people cherish memories...that they want something special...that they are willing to save that extra bit of money and invest in something that they will keep forever...

I've been over the top excited about Snapshops and Click Its...sooooo many moms have received cameras and new software programs and are dying to figure them out...I have such a love for teaching and for showing moms how to capture their kiddos in timeless images...I've been there...I'm STILL there for heaven's sakes!

Anyhoo...Here's where I'm needing your help...even though $125 for a family session where you receive a CD of your images to use on facebook or email or blogs or whatever AND where you get a gallery set up so that you can order PROFESSIONAL prints for around the same cost as Costco or shutterfly AND where the composition of your photos are showing authentic connections, meaningful moments and memories caught for a lifetime...

I know that in this economy, it's STILL a lot of money for some...sometimes they need that extra "umph" to encourage them that it IS worth it...

Even though many moms (and dads) have invested "Mucho" moneys into a new DSLR camera for Christmas or as a "splurge" because of a new arrival to their family...they are nervous to spend that extra amount to "learn" it...and yet, the time that is wasted because you still aren't getting the shots you REALLY want...well, it's just sad:(

it's to THOSE people that I want to reach out!!! 

You all know that I don't in "pay" for advertising...because of this, I can keep my pricing lower and still cover my expenses...because so many of you keep returning and spread the news...and for that I am eternally grateful!!!

As I look ahead to 2012, I'm doing some revamping of my blog and just some other things behind the scenes...I'd love to have some quotes, reviews, and even critiques (wink, wink) that will not only help me continue to better this business, but to encourage others to try!! 

So, here's what I'm suggesting:)...Between today, January 24th and January 31st you have an opportunity to enter a drawing in order to "win" a $15 Starbucks card!  All you need to do is the following:

*email me at with a review of a session you've had with me.  It could be a family session, a newborn session, Senior session, Snapshop,  Click It or even a wedding:)  If you've had more than one of them, then write a review for each and you get entered for each review that you write. (that'd be up to case you weren't counting)

How was your experience, what were you happy with, what did you love, anything you wished was different??? ...please know that by entering, your words could be use as testimonials on my blog, etc. 

In your email include the month/year that you had a session and type of session.  Write: CTPhotoMemories Review in the subject line of your email just so that I can make sure I don't miss it amongst all the stuff in my inbox:) 

On Feb. 1st, from all the entries, I will draw one name for the Starbucks gift card!  I'll announce the winner here on the blog and on facebook.  If you are chosen, all you need to do is get me your address so that I can send it off to you asap:) 

***remember, please do NOT comment here or on facebook with your review...just send an email:)thanks a bunch!  I'm so looking forward to "hearing" what y'all have to say!


Fun with Photoshop

I practice as much as I can...I practice on scenery, on food, on my own children...and even shoes for heavens sake...

I figure that I can only improve with more practice...I try to focus on one aspect of photography and really hone in & work on it...

I know, it's difficult in between all the household chores, blogging, making dinner, reading books to little ones, eating chocolate and playing on pinterest.... ahem

But, I try!

What I have learned is two fold...1) I'm getting better...I'm seeing things in different perspectives...I'm getting sharper images...I'm using what I've learned and taking it to the next level AND 2) I don't always get it right and that stinks!  HOWEVER...I'm eternally grateful to photoshop:)

Where else can you turn a plain picture into works of art...(or just plain fun because you've just had enough playing with playdough and wanted to do something different:)

Same picture...three different ways!  Yippee for photoshop!



Click It is the Photoshop class:)  Click it, as in, you must click tools and click on multiple icons to get the editing effects that you desire...

For those of you rolling your eyes...hee hee...hang in there with's been a wild day...If you've followed me on facebook you'll know that I've been dealing with a crazy cough-hack-refluxy-more coughing-ITIS or something like that...Long story short:  I'm not "technically" sick, but noone really knows what is wrong...and so we're going down the "reflux" route until further notice:)

That said, after hitting a pot hole and flattening my tire on the way to pick up my daughter from school...well, that's where my whole "crazy" speech is coming, I hope you'll bear with me:)

Just wanted to post a quick note about the Winter/Early spring schedule for Workshops!!!  I know many of you are anxious to get started and others still want some time to see if you can figure it out on your own...kudos to you! 

As I've said many times before...if you are going to invest the amount of money that is needed into equipment and's the BEST use of your money to actually LEARN what they are capable of, get out there and google search and read up on your camera and photoshop and fiddle with it...see what you can figure out...that's where it all begins...

Now, I also know, as a mom and crazy multi-tasker, that time is precious...and my kids won't stop growing!!!  And so, I want to learn how to do those things A.S.A. P.

This is where workshops like Snapshop and Click It come in...I'm a photographer, but I'm a mom before I "get" where you are wanting to head...I know what shots you truly want...(I also know it's crazy fun to create storyboards and cards for your kids, family and friends...and what's the best use of your time in that arena) 

Here's a tentative schedule...I don't specifically nail down dates too far in advance because really, I want to try to accomodate as many people as I can...I don't conduct the classes often and I would be so sad if you had to wait 4 months to come to a class just because your child had a game on that ONE workshop date that you just couldn't miss!  (remember, I'm a mom too!)

Therefore, I hope you will bear with me...I also understand schedules and the need to "get it on the calendar"...this is where YOUR HELP comes in as well...please feel free to email me at with possible dates that work for you. 

I try to do Click It's on the weekdays in Ohio just because I don't need the daylight to work on the computer AND, if you are like me, you like your weekends free and clear...BUT, I'm open to change as well...just let me know.

For Snapshops, I keep them to Sunday afternoons at present because my girls have basketball and soccer games on Saturday!  However, if you have a suggestion, I'm open to it...I'm also open to possible Sunday dates that work for you! 


 Click It will be Wednesday, February 1st from 6:30 to 9:00pm  Early bird pricing ($65) for those that get payment to me by January 18th.  Or you can pay the day of ($75) me at to receive my address and more information:)

 Snapshop TBA sometime in March...looking for possible Sunday dates that work best for your schedule.  Early bird pricing will be put into effect 2 weeks prior to date for this as well. 

GO HERE TO LEARN MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT IS INVOLVED WITH A SNAPSHOP CLASS (plus you get a pretty nifty camera strap as a special gift from me:)

 Snapshop II (for those that have already attended a Snapshop) will be smaller class sizes and only 2 hour sessions...(full description of class will be posted at a later date)


Click It (TBA) looking at the weekend of February 18/19
Snapshop (TBA) looking at the month of April
Snapshop II (TBA) loooking at the month of August


CLICK IT coming soon:)

I was overwhelmed with "teacher pride" after receiving so many Christmas cards from past Click It attendees!  And I mean overwhelmed!  The creativity, the photos they included, the was awesome!

Some of you may have JUST received the SWEET gift of photoshop elements under your tree this Christmas...and I hope that you gave your loved one a giddy scream when you saw it...because, it is SOOOO worth it!

There are many options for learning can try to ask people who know, you can read "photoshop for dummies" can even purchase online tutorials that focus in on 1-2 "learning strategies" for each class...

You need to find what works for you...

However, I will tell you that IF you like the photos you see on this site...if you understand my personality and know that I'm a teacher...if you realize that I'm a mom first who values time and has the "please just give me what I need to know so I can do what I want to do!" mentality when it comes to new things...

THEN...perhaps you'll make the leap to take a Click It class with me. 

In class we cover some basic post-processing editing...let's face it...after taking the Snapshop Workshop, you now have a greater understanding of composition and know HOW to get the pictures you want...the problem still occurs when LIFE hits in the middle of switching your manual's in THOSE moments that I am thankful for Photoshop.  It is my ultimate goal that my pictures come out of my camera GREAT!...

...BUT, sometimes, my youngest is hanging on my leg, the chicken is boiling over in the pot on the stove and my middle kid looks so cute out there hanging from the monkey I grab the camera, run and hope for the best...and then try to put out the fire in the kitchen afterwards:)

With just some simple knowledge of photoshop, you can turn those "crazy moment" photos into something frame-worthy...We'll touch on those kinds of basics in the Click It class...

You'll get an overview of the program itself and discover some of the tricks that I use on a continual basis.  Together we'll make the class to fit the needs of everyone so that we make the most of your time!  For some, that will be honing in on editing pictures...for others it will mean learning how to create cards & announcements...

You receive full color notes with print screens so that you can remember where everything is located.  You also recieve a CD of all the files that I use in the workshop so that you can practice again at home.  I also give you a list of websites that I frequent for personal use that will get you on your way to creating incredible works of art with your images!

There is a "vote" going on over on Facebook through Tuesday...we need to finalize a date for the class...It is a 2.5 hour long class (that sometimes runs to 3 hours:)

Early bird pricing is $65 or you can pay the day of for $75. 

Possible dates for a Delaware, Ohio class are:
Wednesday, January 25th OR
Wednesday, February 1st

You can comment here and let me know which OR you can vote over in Facebook.  I'll post the finalized date on Tuesday.  We need to have a minimum of 3 people attending, but I like to keep it small so that we can cover a LOT of I will cap it at no more than 8. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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