FAMILY SESSION: Fearfully & Wonderfully

I have been told that with "baking" you must follow the directions specifically...
You can't "oops" between a tsp and a TBSP...pinches & dashes are more for cooking, and probably left to the experts...

There is a "formula", if you will, that must be followed in order for the dessert to turn out just right...

However, every time you "concoct" that recipe, you are rewarded with a delectable treat!  It's like grandma's homemade cookies...she makes them each time using her special recipe and there is a familiarity and sameness with each batch...and you know they were made by her.

That is why, it never ceases to amaze me that although the same "recipe" may be a family, each child is uniquely UNIQUE!  Each "batch" is completely different...maybe it's hair color, or eye color...but, it's definitely personality!

It continues to confirm in my heart how each of us are wonderfully we all have such value, not because of what others say, not because of our successes or accomplishments...but because we are each knitted together in a unique "make up" of a person...and there is only ONE of each of us...we are each irreplaceable!

These 4 girlies are definitely precious, and when I met up with the family again, I kept smiling at their distinct differences...and how they all fit together as well.

Mom & Dad are instilling in them core values and fierce love for one another, but each of them carry out those principles in "one of a kind" ways. 

I'm excited to watch them continue to grow and mature into beautiful, strong women...knowing they are loved beyond measure! 

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