Ecclectic Fun:)

I met Heidi over a year ago when we were trying to get some winter SNOW pictures with her family...I love her spirit for fun and just diving into new things!

Since the weather never did cooperate for us, she decided to go ahead and take some classes with me to get her own camera snappin' to get pics of her sweet kiddos and her new business venture in jewelry:)  See her stuff HERE on's AMAZING!!!

This fall, after hundreds of incredible pictures that SHE took herself, of her kiddos...we realized that SHE needed to be in the pictures too:)  So, we found a beautiful morning and finally met up for a family photo session:)

The styles and personalities of each of the family members are as diverse as the stars...and I LOVED seeing them all makes for a dynamic and happy family!

Thanks so much for letting me hang with you all...tell those girls, I STILL love their boots!!!




I am in love with Fall Weather...

My sinuses don't like it that much, but I think it's the most beautiful time of the year!  I love being able to get out my old jeans and sweatshirts and sit around the campfire at night!  And I LOVE making family memories...we go to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard and we just have so much fun!  It's these times that I think we make the biggest effort to do things outside, together as a family...

Someone recently asked me, "What is your dream job, with regards to photography?" 

I really didn't have to think too long...I LOVE family sessions...I love them because I love my family...and I love capturing moments for them to put down in the "history books"...along with that, I have a heart for people and other families in general...I want to be able to afford families an opportunity to have memories recorded for them...a special time together, a unique way to just interact with each other and have fun, while someone else runs around with a camera to capture all the action...yes, we throw in the poses, but mostly, it's the joy of being together...the smiles & eyes that twinkle...together, we freeze those moments in time for you to savor for the future!!!

Working around my girls' soccer schedules and praying for contiued beautiful weather, I've worked up a flexible schedule for the month of October (I was also recently made aware of one more day in September that is another open option for some)

Please take a look at the following schedule...I know that many have contacted me with interest in a session, but I didn't have specifics for you...I will do my utmost to get you on the calendar...please email me at ASAP to secure a spot.  I have a couple of "rainy day" options should weather stop us...but, I won't have more room once the spots are filled:( 

$125 SESSIONS INCLUDE:  30-45 minute family fun time with "yours truly" with up to 6 persons in a family.  A CD of at least 15 high resolution images.  An online gallery for you to share with family/friends and use to purchase prints at base cost from a professional printing company. 

Please click on links above for Reunion Session pricing and Senior photos...those sessions will require 2 hour time slots, so please contact me VERY soon so that back to back openings can be booked for you:) 

IF you don't see a time that works for your family, please contact me, as I do have some possible weeknight options (due to sunlight leaving early, the session would need to begin no later than 5pm)



Twins intrigue me...

I have identical twin nephews and my SIL always tells me that she can tell them apart not just by minor physical differences, but by their personalities...which one has a tendency to do one thing or another...

These sweet sisters are not identical, but are twins nonetheless...what is so fun to watch, however, is the absolute difference in their personalities...

They must keep their Momma on her toes...but, oh, they are so fun...I think you'll be able to see it in the images...which one leans on a more "adventurous, go get 'em attitude"...and which one is a tad more "cautious, and just eyeing you to see what you are up to"

I love this family...I love how their Mommy adores being a she knows her girls...not just what foods they like or when they need a diaper change, but really seeks to know their little hearts...their Daddy always has a smile on his can tell that it just brings him pleasure to see his little girls happy and giggling:)

I hope you will enjoy this small glimpse into their wonderful life:)



Thank you again for letting me watch your little girls grow:)


My Sister is ENGAGED!!!! AHHHHHH

My BABY sister...

I am TWELVE years older than my littlest sister...

She's engaged now...

She's getting MARRIED!!!

How did that happen? 

See, I am the oldest and I am supposed to do all the grown up stuff and then she just stays little and reminds me that I am not really getting older...she's just supposed to keep playing with Rainbow Brite and Stawberry Shortcakes...and I can keep pretending that I'm not approaching 40...Oh My Goodness!

Umm...that's not quite playing out how it is in my head...

and so...on a beautiful day in April, my sweet sister will be getting married:)  I'm so happy that she has found someone that she loves with all her heart:) 

You can see it in her eyes...

We had a wonderful day just being creative and spending time together showcasing the two of them!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Congratulations little Sis...wishing you all the blessings in the world!!!




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