FAMILY SESSION: genuine loyalty

I'm in awe at how CT PhotoMemories has grown over the years.  
It has become something I never truly imagined, and also allowed me a position to contribute to my family finances, as well as have an outlet for something I love. 

Don't get me wrong, I've been challenged, especially in the area of "business"...There are, what feels like, a gazillion photographers out there...and everyone has their pick of style, price-point, image control, etc.

I have also discovered along the way, that CT PhotoMemories is not just about the images.  (that's why CT is at the front of the name) 
Colleen (that's me) is part of the package...part of the experience...the style...
That makes this "business" incredibly personal too...

We all desire to feel valued...
we don't go looking for friends and hope to "get a good deal" "trick someone into liking us"...

In a business like this, where I get to connect and interact with children and parents, and create hits home for me...

Over the years, it has required me to work not only with a "supply and demand" mentality, but also reminds me that in order to be a blessing to someone else, I must continue the professional front of
 CT PhotoMemories as well. 

There have been a handful of incredibly loyal clients that have stuck with me along the way...and I feel not only their loyalty but the fact that they value the whole package.  In turn, it makes me work all the more hard to ensure that the experience I create, the locations I choose, the galleries I deliver go above and beyond a simple minimum guarantee...

Consequently, I am then able to be in a position to be a blessing to those truly in need, to provide services in ways that I otherwise would not be able. 

This family is one of those families that I so, so, so love to give my all make sure they have fun, that we get wonderful memories and that they look back on the "story" of this day with smiles! It's families like this that allow me to give in other situations and to other families that come across my path...

I love her carefree way...I love his strength...I love the gentle spirit of their eldest...the curiosity of their middle girl and the adventurous heart of their boy!  

They are amazing! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Barn at Stratford, as per this Momma's "barn" request! It's a beautiful backdrop for not only this family that loves horses and cowboy boots, but it's a refreshing, out in the country get away in the midst of the busyness around us! 

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