INHOME Session: Baby sister G

I have one graduating this Spring.  

I tried to go back in time, in my remember when she was this itty bitty...

To be honest, those days were long and the nights were longer...
My older two daughters were incredibly colicky and overly sensitive to the outside world, as well as their digestive made for some quite exhausting days with no real relief, except for the occasional break when a sympathetic grandparent could come for a couple hours, once in awhile, just so I could escape the crying.  

I don't say that to insight sympathy, but just to reiterate the strong survival and LOVE that occurs during hard seasons...and we did survive...and that daughter, that once seemingly drained every ounce of energy out of me in the early months, is now a tall beauty with hopes and dreams on the horizon. 

I know it sounds cliche or even trite to say this...but, even though those days were hard and long...I can look back on them with sweetness and even longing from time to time...not that I would trade this season of life for anything in the world, but there is a joy that comes from weathering the hard things and seeing the amazing GOOD that comes from it...

This sweet baby sister is a JOY to her older siblings and parents...she brings a new dynamic to a family in the midst of balancing life...she's the reminder to slow down and enjoy...she's the tiny babe that reminds everyone just how blessed they all are...

AND they will be her biggest cheerleaders, the ones that protect and fiercely love that she will one day be that tall beauty, heading out on her own...grateful for the foundation of love given to her.


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