She's got a grace and style all her own! I think what makes me smile the most about Tatum's session is the fact that she wanted some pics with glasses on and some with glasses off...

That may sound trivial to you...but as a mom, having a daughter that also has glasses/contacts...there is definitely a "look", a "detail" in the story of her life that ebbs and flows with time surrounding those glasses...there is a different feel, look, style that goes with it...It's evident with Tatum too...and I LOVED IT!

I loved her fashion sense, her personality with and without was fascinating to me to see the differences (and I think you'll agree if you keep scrolling!)

Her glow, her smile...her wink at her mom...these are all the little character details that sum up Tatum!  She's a beauty inside and out! 

That's what I love about Senior's not just a yearbook's not just a snapshot...How does one capture 18 years of life in ONE picture?  

Once they are off...onto their independent journey, there will not be another time like that just celebrates them in the right now...

oh sure, there may be college graduations, job promotions, weddings, babies...
but, typically it's this point in time...
when they are on the cusp of Independence...
when we celebrate JUST them.  

Congrats Tatum!  You are going to do great things! 

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