SENIOR SESSION: Kendel (Kendelee) CO2020

I wanted to post the cute little picture of her in her diaper...or the one of all the cousins decorating cookies when they were toddlers...or the one where she scaled the fence during senior pictures and stuck out her tongue...


 so in order to possibly uphold the "cool aunt" status that I want to maintain, I decided it may not be in my best interest to share said pictures...

Instead...I'll share with you this beauty in all her prettiness :) 

Kendel has always been a LIGHT...a firecracker...the one that keeps the party going and makes sure it runs smoothly at the same time...she always has a plan...

and yet...she's also the one that manages to do something ridiculously funny in the midst of all the "order"  (did I mention the scaling of the gate in her senior session outfit?)

When she was a baby I used to tease that she looked more like my daughter than my OWN daughter did...and as she has grown, I couldn't be more proud of her than if she were my own daughter! 

"Kendelee", I'm so proud of you...I'm incredibly thankful that I get to be your aunt...I get to call you my niece!  I love you to make me smile and inspire me with your hopefulness and determination for the future!

congratulations on this upcoming year and ALL that is in store for you in the future!  

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