He's got a busy two weeks ahead...

you know...with his brother Prince Harry getting married the weekend after next and all...

Oh wait, you mean, he ISN'T Prince William??

Yes, yes, quit rolling your eyes at me...if you've been around here long enough you know that I have a touch of sarcastic "nerdism" in just bear with me :) 

I seriously did a double take when I first met him though...

Can someone please agree with me that his doppelganger is definitely the Prince of Wales? I hope he'll forgive me for bringing it up once again :) 

Joe is all things athleticism and kind!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and the teasing banter...he's got great plans for the future and I loved meeting another student from my husband's alma mater high school!

Congrats Joe!  I wish you the BEST!!! 

This series of pictures had me rolling...
At least it gives you a peek into what a session is like with "yours truly"...the moments where I tell them something and they look at me like, "did you just say that...seriously???" and then they bust up laughing because...hello, CRAZY photographer lady!...and then the genuine smiles come out in full force!!! 

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