10 TIPS for a Senior on his/her photo session

1. Choose Clothing that says "This Is ME"
- You are unique, and there is only one YOU...wear clothing that is stylish, but is true to YOU! If that means mismatched socks or overalls, then be sure to bring them.

I allow you unlimited clothing changes within our time allotment, so bring the works and we'll do all that we can to choose the best outfits that make you feel not only the most beautiful, but that tell the story of YOU! We can take a look at our backgrounds and settings and choose outfits that compliment them.

Plan on changing clothes QUICKLY!  We don't want our time eaten up by travel or wardrobe glitches.  Often, my seniors will quickly slip in and out of outfits in the backseat of their car or mine, while I (and mom) stand guard.

-Make sure that your outfits flatter you...straps that hang loose or buttons that have fallen off will be difficult to photoshop and may add to our time, trying to "adjust" things. We ALL have self-conscious areas, so when you think of those, be sure to accommodate.  For example, if you've never really liked your arms in past pictures, choose tops that elongate and/or cover arms with flowy sleeves or pretty detail.

- Don't be afraid to bring a dress, along with jeans or shorts and even a uniform from a sports team. All the "chapters" of your life deserve to be showcased :)

2. Be Mindful of your Hair and Makeup
- There is no need to "overdo" your regular routine for a photoshoot.  You absolutely want to look your best and do what you would normally do to cover up conspicuous spots...however, unless your outfits call for lots of enhancement (i.e. prom dress, etc) We want you to look back on your senior pictures and recognize the REAL you, not so much glamour shots ( I dare you to google glamour shots from the 90s!)  Makeup that is conservative and well done is one of the best preparations you can make.  If you don't typically wear makeup, sometimes just a touch will help to even out skin tones for images and will ensure that the focus will be on your eyes!

-Summertime and the excitement can sometimes cause a "sheen"...bringing along a translucent powder to pat here and there will be helpful (and give us an excuse to get back into air conditioning for just a pinch)

-Yes, there are times that a heat wave will want to challenge us, but just be sure to keep an air conditioned car running, and bring along your brush and curling iron/flat iron if need be.  Most places we visit, Mom can pop into a restroom to get it heated up for quick touch up.

3. Consider Accessories and Props
- If you have a favorite necklace or bracelet...something that is meaningful to the past years, be sure to bring it along...it's part of YOUR story.  Sometimes those things become the sweet accents to the story being showcased.

-Keep it simple and work to compliment your outfit.

4.What to do about Glasses?
- Yes, I understand this one.  My middle daughter has glasses and sometimes different angles can cause a glare.  However, because my daughter wears her glasses all the time, they are part of her story...Therefore, we just have to work a little harder to be sure we have the right angle.  Don't fret...if I need to adjust the way you are sitting or where I'm standing, it doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong or don't look amazing...it's just me finding the best way to incorporate all the facets of YOU without getting a distracting glare on the lens.

5. Keep those nails manicured!
- I'm a habitual nail biter...and therefore, I try to keep my nails polished as much as possible. However, life sets in and before I know it, nails are chipped and my toes don't look much better. This WILL show up in pictures, so be sure to attend to that before your session.  I will ALWAYS do my UTMOST to enhance and cover up little things with photoshop, but excessive editing isn't my norm and may end up being more costly for you not only in expense but wait time for your gallery.

6. Bring Mom or Dad :)
- AKA clothing holder, makeup fixer, accessory organizer, air conditioning preparer, shade maker and all around amazing assistant to the photographer. However, quick word to Mom and Dad too: this is such a precious GIFT you are giving to your Senior...and I will be doing my best to go above and beyond the call of duty...at the same time, being in front of the camera can be stressful "at first"...within the first half hour, most Seniors totally get into a groove and are hyped up ready to take a bazillion pictures.  Be sure that comments about "smile" or "looks" are just thoughts and don't become vocalized, as they WILL cause underlying distractions for Seniors. It's best to offer words of encouragement and praise rather than instruction. (and IF your senior is okay with grabbing a quick picture with mom/dad, just let me know!)

7. Bring a FRIEND!
- I promise to get up to 5 unique pictures with you and your friend(s) to add to your gallery.  The gallery will focus on YOU, but group shots will add to the story in such a FUN way!

8. Don't be Afraid to Ask...
- Hopefully, by the time we've settled on a date, time and you've filled out my questionnaire, you have a pretty good idea about my style of photography and what I produce.  I have hundreds of shots of Seniors in my Instagram Feed and FB albums.  If you like a particular shot or pose, please don't hesitate to let me know...If you see something else on Pinterest or elsewhere that you don't remember seeing on my actual feed, please ask anyway.  Although it will be impossible to duplicate it precisely, perhaps the idea will trigger another unique idea that we can produce just for you!

9.Know your Time...
- We've got a full 2 hour time allotment for taking pictures.  The more time we have the camera out, the more images we get...this means being aware of our travel time and clothing changes.  Sometimes accessories or props may necessitate a "set up"...I will do all I can to be efficient with our time. Therefore, if I feel like a specific set up is not working, we will keep moving and find something comparable or better than what we were originally thinking.

10.Don't Stress it!!!
- Listen, I understand that it's an investment...that being in front of a camera can be intimidating...that you want to show the best YOU...and while I wish I had a time machine that would take you forward 2 hours to the END of your session first so that you've believe me...All I can tell you is that I promise to do everything in my power to make our time FUN, MEMORABLE and HAPPY...I want you to not only look like the beauty you envision but to FEEL it too...this means, that I'm going to use my knowledge about light and color and lenses and locations to frame you in the best possible way...so that when you look back on your images, not only will you love them, but you won't be able to keep back a smile!

LAST LITTLE TIP: In my experience, Summer tends to be most flexible and relaxing timetable with regards to Senior Sessions...yes, it's warmer, but you aren't having to work around school, sports, activities, exams, meetings, senior requirements, etc...AND, the sun stays out so much later that we can easily get a session in even starting at 7pm if need be. What does that mean for you?  It means, shoot me an email at ctphotomemories@gmail.com and get on my calendar now for the summer months!!! I can't wait to meet you! See more info HERE

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