Snow White

Snow White is known as the princess that is "fairest of them all"...because of her optimism and innocence, she falls prey to that evil stepmother...but, take out that stepmother in the story line for a second...and let's just focus on Snow White...

I think her personality, attitude and outlook on life can actually have some applications to family photo sessions!

"Are you nuts Colleen?...are you seriously going to compare a Disney princess to one of your family photo sessions?"

Ummm, well, I'm gonna try!

Snow White approached life with joy and wasn't that she didn't have expectations (so she wasn't disappointed) it's just that her expectations were that she was going to attack a situation with her whole heart and find the joy in the middle of it...

Wala...perfect way to approach a family session...because, let's face it...none of our kiddos are EVER perfect and sometimes bribes with snacks aren't going to make them sit still for a smile and not wrinkle a shirt...

So, if we think of the time with the photographer as just "life"...just letting our hearts shine takes off the pressure of perfection...and ends up producing something beyond our wildest dreams!!!

Her momma dressed her up as Snow White at the end of our time together.  

I thought it so appropriate...

Because this family is the epitome of what I just talked about...
It wasn't about getting a picture that fit into a certain frame on the wall...
It wasn't about making sure baby girl had her dress wrinkle free...

it was just about being together and documenting that moment together!

And because of that approach, we were able to get more than we even expected!!!

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