Random Things You May Not Know about Me...


 Numbers 1-10 

1    1.   I was valedictorian of my high school class.  The same high school that graduated my grandfather, and both my parents.  What can I say, I’m a small town girl.  There are times my husband will say, “Well, you can take the girl out of the small town, but you can’t take the small town out of the girl!” 

2.       In college I traveled for 3 years with a puppet team!  Yup, I’m a Jim Henson wannabe.  We’re talking puppets like on the muppets, people!!!…and I loved it.  We even went to Australia during my Junior year.  My hubby thinks I’m a little nuts with this one…we actually own 6 puppets of which I periodically will do puppet shows for my girls’ birthday parties, etc…(no I do not market this out!!) HOWEVER, if you see me driving down the street…you’re more likely to see me driving with one hand and puppet lip syncing whatever is on the radio with my other hand (it’s a habit)

3.       My senior year in high school (in that small town remember) I was voted to homecoming court. In every small town there is a parade before the big game…floats, the band and all the court girls dress up and ride on the back of convertibles while their teachers drive them down the streets to wave at all the passerbys.  In the middle of the parade, the car stalled and as my teacher revved the engine to try to keep up, I flew off the back of the car into the middle of the road.  (I was out of basketball for a week due to a bruised tailbone…my sweet date had to hold me up during the homecoming dance the next day)

4.       My nickname in middle school and high school was COW.  It’s sad, I know…who wants to be known as COW?  However, apparently nicknames were really “cool” back then…Theodore became Ted, Daniel was Dan, Angie was Ang…Colleen could only really shorten to Col, but the “L” was kinda silent and some “good friends” decided it sounded better as COW…and thus I heard, “MOOOOO” all down the hallways whenever I passed by…

5.       I can touch my tongue to my nose…seriously, I really can…and I’ll even show you if you ask J

6.       I am an avid reader…I like inspirational fiction, historical fiction, blogs…I even like to read closed captioning when I’m watching movies!!!  My husband knows that if he REALLY wants to end a “date” on a good note, we will always finish up at Barnes and Noble before we head back home!

7.       I’m kinda scared of needles…I try really hard not to show it in front of my daughters, but, I’m so, so anxious about needles that I opted for natural labor rather than the needle for an epidural.  If there had been a CREAM epidural, I would have been slathered up!!!

8.       I love to make lists…just so I can check things off.  Sometimes, when I know I’m just not going to get a lot accomplished in a day, my list will include: Get up, Shower, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and even get dressed!  I LOVE when I get to check it off..it just makes me feel good!

9.       We named our dog Pippa Kate because I’m enthralled by all things Kate Middleton and British royalty! I grew up infatuated with Princess Diana and it just continues on…

10.   I’m a night person.  When everyone else is getting ready to settle in for the night, my adrenaline gets pumping and my brain starts whirlin’ ideas.  However, when morning comes and everyone one else is jumping up and ready to start the day…it takes me until about 10am to REALLY wake up. My husband finds this hilarious since he’s a morning person…and since we both have to be up before 6;30am everyday during the school year.

Anonymous –   – (20.6.15)  

that's my sweet Colleen. it was fun reading this--but of course nothing I didn't already know. LOve you bunches, aunt wanda

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