Pleased to meet you

It's always a pleasure to meet new families.  

When I started this business back in 2009, I had just a handful of clients...last year it grew to almost more than I could balance with volunteering at school, not missing my girls' sports & special event performances...but, the fun part about all the craziness is that I get to meet new people!

You've heard it all before, that I lean far to the end of the extrovert spectrum!!!

This family came with all smiles...

the whole time...

They are just HAPPY people in general I think...I  had never met them in person before, but they conversed with me like we had been friends for years...

their daughter was such a gracious little lady...

their son was all boy, but eager to can see it in his little cheesy grin!!

Such personalities...such playful relationships...

I hope to see them again, for many more years to come!

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