Little Mister

Home is where the heart is...

We've all heard that saying...and it's true...

However, isn't it pretty nifty when your home, the actual building, is part of your heart as well?

It was evident the moment I walked into this home that all parts were a reflection of the people who inhabited it....

Their hearts were seen in every detail...the bookshelves and mirrors, the rugs and pillows...everything added to the characterization of the members of this family...

We definitely needed to include those "parts of the story" for this little guy!

He made his appearance earlier than expected and therefore, we scurried to get our schedules to match so that I could zip out to them for a newborn session.  

I loved mom & dad's enthusiasm about photography...I loved their ideas and the "whys" behind the decor in their little mister's nursery room. 

I nearly didn't want to leave...and if that didn't prove to them how much I relished my time there...the fact that I left a blanket AND my PURSE at their home after I left, should have clued them in at that point.  

He was a quiet, content little soul. The moments they shared with him were precious.  Infact, I don't think I've ever been to a session where we spent so much time trying to WAKE a baby...he was so calm and placid...when we did want those little eyes to twinkle up at us, it took all 3 of us working with him just to grab a couple shots!

I love the people I meet...the moments I get to capture...I enjoy the sweet poses, but I adore the relationships...the connections made...the hearts that are bound together...those are the images that are my favorites to reveal...

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