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There are many components to photography...probably too many to name because it depends on your subject matter and goals and individual style...the list goes on and on...

For the sake of this little post, I'll sum it up to two ingredients:  Your "Eye" and your "Technical Understanding"

If you know me well, you'll come to discover that I am quite the "fly by the seat of your pants" type gal.  It's an extroverted thing I think...I tend to be rather spontaneous with a flair for being distracted and perhaps a tad haphazard at times. (I sound fun huh?)

It's okay though, I married my opposite, so he's the one that keeps me on track and takes care of our schedule.  He teases all the time that I just "bring the fun" while he keeps us all together.

I know you are probably thinking, "What in the world does this have to do with photography?"  and I would tell you that it takes me a couple times around the barn to get to my point (remember my distract-ability)....hang in there with me!

I wholeheartedly believe that photography is something that can be learned and learned well! Just like some people thrive in math class, but dread going to English...and others can't wait to do an experiment in Science class, but would rather pull their teeth out than research the differences between the Civil and Revolutionary Wars...there are differences in photography as well.

For me, the "eye" part comes more naturally.  I am drawn to stories and images and therefore, watching moments happen before my eye can be exhilarating...whereas trying to actually capture that image using a specific lens, at a certain setting, in certain light...well, that can sometimes put me over the edge.

Enter this family

Now, the dad of this family has the "Technical Understanding" that I was talking about...oh my, he GETS it!

I often wonder what goes through his head as he watches me doin' the two-step as I dance around his little kiddos, but moreso when he gets his images and sees the extreme settings on the image information in photoshop.  I'm sure my flitting around with my shutterspeed & aperture makes his head a little dizzy...and I KNOW I could learn quite a bit from his steady, tactical approach to a situation.  Yet, I'm ever so thankful for his graciousness...he exercises this grace with many of whom he comes in contact.

I am quite inspired and in awe of this sweet family...not only because, oh my goodness, they have TWINS!!!  That's two babies AT THE SAME TIME...(I know you know this...I'm just using caps because I'm just so impressed with them!!)

BUT, they have the equivalent in Canon, to all my Nikon gear.  He knows his stuff...but, he recognizes the benefit and value of family pictures...of not just HIM actually getting in FRONT of the camera instead of behind it all the time, but of allowing someone else to "see life through the lens" in a different way.

I have such admiration for how they are raising these set of twins as well.  The Littles' personalities are different as night and day, and yet their confidence to BE individuals is amazing!  I love to see them each year and see how they've grown & matured, even just those few short months.  They are bright and exuberant...and yet, one can be apprehensive when the other is ready to climb to the tallest tree.

It takes an extraordinary quality to parent simultaneously such differing temperments, learning styles and personalities...and yet, they do with such grace and patience...honing in on each of their unique qualities and encouraging them to flourish.

It puts a twinkle in my eye when I receive their message inquiring about availability for a family session.  I look forward to it every year!

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