The REALNESS factor

Have you ever met those people that, when you meet them, you just "know" know that there aren't fronts or fake barriers that you have to dig through...The type of people where it's "what you see is what you get"...

And even more than that,  they are comfortable in their own in turn, it makes YOU feel you can just pick up a conversation without the threat of wondering whether words will be can just be REAL right back at 'em?

Well...THIS family is one of THOSE:)  It makes it an absolute pleasure to be around know that you can be who you are and you are accepted just that way!!! 

I was so excited when Kathy said that she'd like to get some family pictures taken...her hubby is quite the photog himself, and so I counted it an honor to be able to photograph their family together...

They were naturals in front of the camera (how could you expect anything less?)  I love how they just wanted to have fun and laugh and be goofy together!!

I think you'll be able to actually "feel" the emotion while looking at their images and I wouldn't be surprised if they'll make you smile without even knowing it!!!

The amount of times we yelled SQUIRREL couldn't be quantified I made me laugh everytime you have the smiles on the left and SQUIRREL...on the right:)

I think Kathy thought some things were a bit "funny" too:) I LOVE these pictures of her and her hubby:)

Sibling love...:)

Thanks again you all...for a great afternoon!!!  You were a BLAST!!!

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