I've always been told that Black and White photos depict a different emotion than full color.  I think this is because the viewer's eye is attracted directly to the action that is taking place rather than being distracted by the colors and everything else in the image.

Now, I'll be the first to tell you that I'm partial to vivid, colorful photos...but, I will have to say, that I agree with the idea of the black and white photo...so much so, that I've dedicated an entire wall in my home to black and white photos of my family...They aren't pictures of everyone smiling at the camera, but, instead they show deep emotion:  incredible excitement and pensive views...uncontrollable laughter and awestruck wonder...

They do this because it steadies the eye and pulls out the emotion taking place in that captured moment...

Not many families have the opportunity that this family had to capture such moments...I didn't even have it with my family when we had our pictures taken a couple weeks back...I think we get so caught up in making sure we have the right smile, and the "one image to hang on the wall"...that we forget that relationships CAN be caught in a still shot...

As I culled through the images of this session, I was taken aback by the emotion that seemed to jump out at me from my computer screen...I'm posting a few in color because it was a beautiful day and the colors were bright and wonderful...but, towards the end of this post, see if you don't just grasp the height of FAMILY and LOVE that these pictures emit!

I am sooo excited that these little boys are going to have captured memories of "play time" with their Mommy and Daddy...they'll see the funny laughs and the joy in their eyes...

Thank you Betsy for trusting me again to capture for you, some family moments!  You are a treasure to your family!




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