Lindsay: Senior Pics

There is something special about an "all daughters" household...Now, before those mothers that have sons start getting a little defensive:), just remember that this is all I know...all I can say, is that my girls are experiencing a different household dynamic than I did growing up with a brother amidst his 3 sisters...

There's just something about Dad being the ONLY male in the house...I love how my girls share everything...I love how they just "get" each other...there is just a special bond...don't get me wrong, we've got ourselves some "drama", but we share it:)

Now, THAT all said, along with all that ushy, gushy fun stuff, there comes an underlying fear...or more like, "this momma is scared out of her mind of her babies growing up and heading out into the big, bad world and what if it changes them and...and...and..."

And then I met Lindsay...

a senior who has her priorities straight...who has a confidence that comes from the inside and doesn't rely on what others think or say...we had the most incredible conversations as we drove to different locations for her senior session...She amazed me by her maturity, her goals...her obvious respect for her parents and her adoration for her little sister...

When our time ended, I felt like a weight that I had been carrying had been lifted because I could see, before my very own eyes, a young woman who didn't let this scared Momma's view of the "big bad world" change her...instead...she's heading out to change IT!

Lindsay, you are an amazing girl!  I am privileged to know you...





Jenn G –   – (2.10.12)  

Very pretty girl and I love reading your blog posts =) Great job!

5Weaks  – (3.10.12)  

Beautiful young lady!

Anonymous –   – (25.10.12)  

Thanks for a beautiful assessment of a beautiful young lady! The photos are terrific! You did a great job!

Proud grandma, Mary Sedlacek

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