Afternoon Play:)

I'm starting to feel my age:)

It's been years since I've seen Scott...

I remember him as one of my best friend's little brother...

T and I were in college, doin' our "college thang"...and he was a high schooler...He put up with many 'a nights that we'd all crash at his parents' house (since T's family lived in the college town) 

Fast forward IONS a few years :)  and he's got a darling family of his own...beautiful wife, lovable little girls and believe it or not, some twins on the way!!! 

I was so excited when Chief (his dad and incredible mentor, which I will soooo write about at another time when we all get together in the spring!!) called to ask about "gifting" his son's family with a photo session...

Scott is quite the photographer himself, so I had a bit of trepidation leading up to our time, I just wanted to meet the expectations of his mom & dad because they are so special to me!  I didn't need to worry though...Scott & his wife, in true form, were both so gracious, that I immediately felt at ease...and we had the best afternoon...walking around the park, talking, discussing kids and photography, family and fun...

Their girls are just so fun and spontaneous...the giggles were goin'...the laughter filled the air:) 

I hope you will "feel" the fun as you look through just some of the many images captured:) 



She's like a little "wood nymph" :)
Thanks so much for catching up with me...I'm so glad we got some fun colors and had time to "play":)  It was an absolute pleasure to spend the afternoon with you!!! 


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