Sisters and Sappiness:)

I need to ask you now, to forgive my "sappiness"...The words "emotional extrovert" are probably good descriptors of my personality at times...when you add that to the fact that I love to TALK...well, you get the "sappy" please bear with me:)

Some of you know my family story...

I mean, everyone has a's the moments in our journey that I always want to cherish and remember...

Anyway, to just give you a quick "sum up" version...I have 3 of which passed away while I was in college. 

Needless to say, it changed us all...

As time has passed, and seasons of our lives have ebbed and swayed, my siblings here have developed deeper relationships...engagements, marriages, children...

And, it's in those moments that I really start to miss Sarah...I wonder what kind of relationship we would have..would she have gotten married and had children too?  Would she like coffee or tea?  Would we take our kids to the zoo together or talk on the phone about my daughter's love of all things pink?

God is a good God...even when I don't understand His ways...

He allowed this awesome couple into my life...a couple right around the same age as what Sarah would be now...and whether Amy knew it or not, I was smitten:) 

I have had the opportunity to get to know her as a friend...I love how she loves her husband and her little boy...I love her honesty and loyalty...She is an amazing woman. 

And I had the opportunity to photograph HER whole family...and how cool is it that she has 2 not only have I "sorta" adopted her as a sister in my heart, but, I get to watch her interactions with her sisters, which is fun considering I have 3 daughters myself:)

Anyway, I'm pleased to share our time together...cousins, grandparents laughing, families and's just a snapshot of the MANY images we were able to get on our afternoon together!


Thank you all for letting me in on all your FUN:) 

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