Senior Photo Sessions are somewhat of a phenomenon here in the Midwest...

I can't say that they are an event that is overly promoted in other parts of our nation, however, they have been popular here even from my senior year back in the early 90s!

Back in those "olden days" we used to have things called "glamour shots"...where you could go and get all dolled up and dress in beautiful outfits and get runway model shots...

My "take" on Senior Sessions may be a little bit unconventional, but being a storyteller and memory maker to the core, I'm all about the narrative...give me characters, details, a proper setting and a plot and I'll weave it into a beautiful story that captures attention and evokes emotion!

This is how I view photography in general actually...

Obviously my subjects are the characters...their smile & eyes demonstrate their personality...They bring their own quirks and favorites to the table and I look to showcase their details, their own adventure, the WHO they have become...

Some of my favorite shots from a Senior Session include the elements of a "real" story:
the setting might be a record store, or a track field
details might include books, an heirloom necklace, sport equipment
the action could be settling in for a good book or laughing because you are always one with a smile...

In a Senior Session Gallery you get the whole STORY with all the elements that make the narrative come to life...

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